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  • از مثل وز ریش‌خند بی‌حساب  ** آن مرید افتاد از غم در نشیب  2055
  • The disciple was thrown into a painful state of dejection by her parables and countless mockeries.
  • پرسیدن آن وارد از حرم شیخ کی شیخ کجاست کجا جوییم و جواب نافرجام گفتن حرم 
  • How the new-comer asked the Shaykh's wife, “Where is the Shaykh? Where shall I look for him?” and the rude answer given by the Shaykh's wife.
  • اشکش از دیده بجست و گفت او  ** با همه آن شاه شیرین‌نام کو 
  • Tears burst from his eyes, and he said, “Nevertheless, where is that (spiritual) king of sweet name?”
  • گفت آن سالوس زراق تهی  ** دام گولان و کمند گمرهی 
  • She replied, “That vain hypocritical impostor, a trap for fools and a noose for (leading into) error—
  • صد هزاران خام ریشان هم‌چو تو  ** اوفتاده از وی اندر صد عتو 
  • Hundreds of thousands of callow simpletons like you have fallen, through him, into a hundred rebelliousnesses.
  • گر نبینیش و سلامت وا روی  ** خیر تو باشد نگردی زو غوی 
  • If you should not see him and return (home) in safety, it will be good (luck) for you: you will not be led astray by him.
  • لاف‌کیشی کاسه‌لیسی طبل‌خوار  ** بانگ طبلش رفته اطراف دیار  2060
  • A braggart, a lick-platter, a parasite: the noise of his drum has reached the remotest parts of the world.
  • سبطیند این قوم و گوساله‌پرست  ** در چنین گاوی چه می‌مالند دست 
  • These folk (who follow him) are (like) Israelites and worshippers of the (golden) calf: why do they fondle such a cow?
  • جیفة اللیلست و بطال النهار  ** هر که او شد غره‌ی این طبل‌خوار 
  • Any one who is duped by this parasite is a carcase by night and a good-for-nothing by day.
  • هشته‌اند این قوم صد علم و کمال  ** مکر و تزویری گرفته کینست حال 
  • These folk have abandoned a hundred kinds of knowledge and perfection and have embraced a deceit and imposture, saying, ‘This is ecstasy.’
  • آل موسی کو دریغا تاکنون  ** عابدان عجل را ریزند خون 
  • Alas, where are the family of Moses that now they might shed the blood of the calf-worshippers