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  • من به بادی نامدم هم‌چون سحاب  ** تا بگردی باز گردم زین جناب 
  • I have not (been impelled to) come by a wind (of vain desire) like a cloud, that I should be turned back from this (holy) presence by a dust (of foolish words).
  • عجل با آن نور شد قبله‌ی کرم  ** قبله بی آن نور شد کفر و صنم 
  • By virtue of that Light the calf becomes a qibla of (Divine) grace; without that Light the qibla becomes (a symbol of) infidelity and an idol.
  • هست اباحت کز هوای آمد ضلال  ** هست اباحت کز خدا آمد کمال 
  • The licence that comes from self-will is error; the licence that comes from God is perfection.
  • کفر ایمان گشت و دیو اسلام یافت  ** آن طرف کان نور بی‌اندازه تافت  2075
  • In that quarter where the illimitable Light has shone, infidelity has become faith and the Devil has attained unto Islam.
  • مظهر عزست و محبوب به حق  ** از همه کروبیان برده سبق 
  • He (the saint) is a theatre for the manifestation of the (Divine) Glory, and he is the real beloved (of God): he has carried off the prize from (taken precedence over) all the Cherubim.
  • سجده آدم را بیان سبق اوست  ** سجده آرد مغز را پیوست پوست 
  • The worship of Adam (by the angels) is clear evidence of his superiority: the husk always bows down (pays homage) to the kernel.
  • شمع حق را پف کنی تو ای عجوز  ** هم تو سوزی هم سرت ای گنده‌پوز 
  • O old woman, (if) you puff (try to put out) God's candle, you will be burnt, you and your head at the same time, O foul-mouthed one.
  • کی شود دریا ز پوز سگ نجس  ** کی شود خورشید از پف منطمس 
  • How should the sea be defiled by a dog's muzzle? How should the sun be extinguished by a puff?
  • حکم بر ظاهر اگر هم می‌کنی  ** چیست ظاهرتر بگو زین روشنی  2080
  • Even if you judge (only) by appearances, tell (me), what is more apparent than this Light?
  • جمله ظاهرها به پیش این ظهور  ** باشد اندر غایت نقص و قصور 
  • In comparison with this appearance all apparent things are in the utmost degree of imperfection and default.