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  • قند او را بد مدد از بحر جود  ** پس ز سرکه‌ی اهل عالم می‌فزود 
  • His sugar was replenished from the Sea of Bounty, therefore it was exceeding the vinegar of (all) the inhabitants of the world.
  • واحد کالالف کی بود آن ولی  ** بلک صد قرنست آن عبدالعلی 
  • Who is a single one like a thousand? That Saint. Nay, that Servant of the High (God) is (equivalent to) a hundred generations.
  • خم که از دریا درو راهی شود  ** پیش او جیحونها زانو زند 
  • The great rivers kneel (in homage) before the jar into which there comes a channel from the sea,
  • خاصه این دریا که دریاها همه  ** چون شنیدند این مثال و دمدمه 
  • Especially this Sea (of Reality); for all the (other) seas, when they heard this (imperial) mandate and (mighty) tumult—
  • شد دهانشان تلخ ازین شرم و خجل  ** که قرین شد نام اعظم با اقل  25
  • Their mouths became bitter with shame and confusion because the Greatest Name had been joined with the least.
  • در قران این جهان با آن جهان  ** این جهان از شرم می‌گردد جهان 
  • At the conjunction of this world with yonder world this world is recoiling in shame.
  • این عبارت تنگ و قاصر رتبتست  ** ورنه خس را با اخص چه نسبتست 
  • This (manner of) expression is narrow (inadequate) and deficient, for what resemblance exists between the vile and the most elect?
  • زاغ در رز نعره‌ی زاغان زند  ** بلبل از آواز خوش کی کم کند 
  • (If) the crow caws in the orchard, (yet) how should the nightingale cease its sweet song?
  • پس خریدارست هر یک را جدا  ** اندرین بازار یفعل ما یشا 
  • Every one, then, has his separate customer in this bazaar of He doeth what He pleases.
  • نقل خارستان غذای آتش است  ** بوی گل قوت دماغ سرخوش است  30
  • The dessert provided by the thornbrake is nutriment (fuel) for the fire; the scent of the rose is food for the intoxicated brain.