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  • بی ز ضدی ضد را نتوان نمود  ** وان شه بی‌مثل را ضدی نبود 
  • (This involves contrariety, for) nothing can be shown without a contrary; and there was no contrary to that incomparable King.
  • حکمت در انی جاعل فی الارض خلیفة 
  • The (Divine) purpose in (saying), “Lo, I will place a viceroy in the earth.”
  • پس خلیفه ساخت صاحب‌سینه‌ای  ** تا بود شاهیش را آیینه‌ای 
  • Therefore He made a viceroy, one having a heart, to the end that he might be a mirror for His sovereignty;
  • بس صفای بی‌حدودش داد او  ** وانگه از ظلمت ضدش بنهاد او 
  • So He endowed him with infinite purity (spiritual light), and then set up against him a contrary (in the form) of darkness.
  • دو علم بر ساخت اسپید و سیاه  ** آن یکی آدم دگر ابلیس راه  2155
  • He made two banners, white and black: one (was) Adam, the other (was) the Iblís (Devil) of the Way (to Him).
  • در میان آن دو لشکرگاه زفت  ** چالش و پیکار آنچ رفت رفت 
  • Between those two mighty camps (there was) combat and strife, and there came to pass what came to pass.
  • هم‌چنان دور دوم هابیل شد  ** ضد نور پاک او قابیل شد 
  • Likewise in the second period Hábíl (Abel) arose, and Qábíl (Cain) became the antagonist of his pure light.
  • هم‌چنان این دو علم از عدل و جور  ** تا به نمرود آمد اندر دور دور 
  • Even so (were) these two banners of justice and iniquity (continuing to be raised) till in the course of time the period of Nimrod arrived.
  • ضد ابراهیم گشت و خصم او  ** وآن دو لشکر کین‌گزار و جنگ‌جو 
  • He became the antagonist and adversary of Abraham, and those two armies waged war (against each other) and sought battle.
  • چون درازی جنگ آمد ناخوشش  ** فیصل آن هر دو آمد آتشش  2160
  • (At last) when He was displeased with the prolongation of the strife, His fire became the (means of) decision between the twain.
  • پس حکم کرد آتشی را و نکر  ** تا شود حل مشکل آن دو نفر 
  • So He caused a fire to be His arbiter and servant, in order that the difficulty (controversy) of those two persons might be solved.