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  • چون درازی جنگ آمد ناخوشش  ** فیصل آن هر دو آمد آتشش  2160
  • (At last) when He was displeased with the prolongation of the strife, His fire became the (means of) decision between the twain.
  • پس حکم کرد آتشی را و نکر  ** تا شود حل مشکل آن دو نفر 
  • So He caused a fire to be His arbiter and servant, in order that the difficulty (controversy) of those two persons might be solved.
  • دور دور و قرن قرن این دو فریق  ** تا به فرعون و به موسی شفیق 
  • These two (contrary) parties (carried on the struggle) from period to period and from generation to generation, down to (the time of) Pharaoh and God-fearing Moses,
  • سالها اندر میانشان حرب بود  ** چون ز حد رفت و ملولی می‌فزود 
  • Between whom there was war for (many) years. When it passed (all) bounds and was causing excessive weariness,
  • آب دریا را حکم سازید حق  ** تا که ماند کی برد زین دو سبق 
  • God made the water of the sea His arbiter, that it might be left (to the sea to decide) which of these two should prevail.
  • هم‌چنان تا دور و طور مصطفی  ** با ابوجهل آن سپهدار جفا  2165
  • So (it went on) till the period and time of Mustafá (Mohammed), (who contended) with Abú Jahl, the general of the army of iniquity.
  • هم نکر سازید از بهر ثمود  ** صیحه‌ای که جانشان را در ربود 
  • Moreover He (God) appointed a servant for (the destruction of) Thamúd, (namely), the (awful) Cry that took away their lives.
  • هم نکر سازید بهر قوم عاد  ** زود خیزی تیزرو یعنی که باد 
  • Moreover He appointed a servant for (the destruction of) the people of ‘Ád, one that rises quickly and moves rapidly, that is (to say), the Wind.
  • هم نکر سازید بر قارون ز کین  ** در حلیمی این زمین پوشید کین 
  • Moreover He appointed a discerning servant for (the destruction of) Qárún (Korah): He endued the graciousness of the Earth with enmity,
  • تا حلیمی زمین شد جمله قهر  ** برد قارون را و گنجش را به قعر 
  • So that the graciousness of the Earth turned entirely to wrath, and she bore Qárún and his treasure down to the abyss.