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  • اسجدوا لادم ندا آمد همی  ** که آدمید و خویش بینیدش دمی 
  • The (Divine) call was coming (to the angels)—”Bow down to Adam, for ye are (essentially) Adam, and for a moment see yourselves to be (identical with) him.”
  • احولی از چشم ایشان دور کرد  ** تا زمین شد عین چرخ لاژورد  2265
  • He (God) removed strabism from their eyes, so that the earth became identical with the azure heavens.
  • لا اله گفت و الا الله گفت  ** گشت لا الا الله و وحدت شکفت 
  • He said, “There is no god,” and He said, “except God”: not (any god) became except God, and Unity blossomed forth (was revealed).
  • آن حبیب و آن خلیل با رشد  ** وقت آن آمد که گوش ما کشد 
  • The time has come for that righteous beloved and dear friend (of God) to pull my ear (and lead me)
  • سوی چشمه که دهان زینها بشو  ** آنچ پوشیدیم از خلقان مگو 
  • Towards the fountain (of Unity), saying, “Wash thy mouth clean of these things: do not tell that which we have concealed from the people.
  • ور بگویی خود نگردد آشکار  ** تو به قصد کشف گردی جرم‌دار 
  • And if thou tell (it), it will not become manifest, (yet) thou wilt be guilty of attempting to reveal it.
  • لیک من اینک بریشان می‌تنم  ** قایل این سامع این هم منم  2270
  • But, mark, I am compassing them about: I am at once the speaker and the hearer of this (mystery).
  • صورت درویش و نقش گنج گو  ** رنج کیش‌اند این گروه از رنج گو 
  • Tell (only) of the (outward) form of the dervish and the picture (external description) of the treasure. These folk are addicted to (worldly) trouble: tell (them) of trouble.
  • چشمه‌ی راحت بریشان شد حرام  ** می‌خورند از زهر قاتل جام‌جام 
  • The fountain of Mercy has become unlawful to them: they are drinking cup after cup of deadly poison.
  • خاکها پر کرده دامن می‌کشند  ** تا کنند این چشمه‌ها را خشک‌بند 
  • Having filled their skirts with clods, they are taking them along in order to make a dam for these fountains.