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  • لیک خورشید عنایت تافته‌ست  ** آیسان را از کرم در یافته‌ست  2280
  • But (nevertheless) the sun of (Divine) favour has shone (forth) and has graciously succoured them that despair.
  • نرد بس نادر ز رحمت باخته  ** عین کفران را انابت ساخته 
  • He (God) in His mercy has played a very marvellous game of backgammon: He has made the essence of ingratitude to be a turning in repentance (towards Him).
  • هم ازین بدبختی خلق آن جواد  ** منفجر کرده دو صد چشمه‌ی وداد 
  • Even from this ill-fatedness (unrighteousness) of the people (of the world) that Bounteous One has caused two hundred fountains of love to burst.
  • غنچه را از خار سرمایه دهد  ** مهره را از مار پیرایه دهد 
  • He gives to the rose-bud a source (of growth) in the thorn; He gives to the snake-stone, (though obtained) from the snake, an ornamental quality.
  • از سواد شب برون آرد نهار  ** وز کف معسر برویاند یسار 
  • He brings forth day from the blackness of night and makes ease (opulence) to grow (flow) from the hand of him who suffers hardship (penury).
  • آرد سازد ریگ را بهر خلیل  ** کو با داود گردد هم رسیل  2285
  • He makes sand into flour for Khalil (Abraham); the mountain becomes an accompanist to David.
  • کوه با وحشت در آن ابر ظلم  ** بر گشاید بانگ چنگ و زیر و بم 
  • The solitary mountain amidst that cloud of darkness opens the music of the harp and (the tones of) treble and bass,
  • خیز ای داود از خلقان نفیر  ** ترک آن کردی عوض از ما بگیر 
  • (Singing), “Arise, O David, thou shunner of the people! Thou hast abandoned that (society): receive compensation from me.”
  • انابت آن طالب گنج به حق تعالی بعد از طلب بسیار و عجز و اضطرار کی ای ولی الاظهار تو کن این پنهان را آشکار 
  • How the seeker of the treasure, after having searched much and having been reduced to helplessness and despair, turned to God Most High, saying, “O Thou to whom manifestation belongs, do Thou make this hidden thing evident!”
  • گفت آن درویش ای دانای راز  ** از پی این گنج کردم یاوه‌تاز 
  • The dervish said, “O Knower of the secret, I have run about in vain for the sake of this treasure.
  • دیو حرص و آز و مستعجل تگی  ** نی تانی جست و نی آهستگی 
  • The devil of greed and cupidity and hurry sought neither deliberation nor calmness.