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  • خویش را موزون و چست و سخته کن  ** ز آب دیده نان خود را پخته کن 
  • Make yourself harmonious and congruous and balanced: let your bread be baked well with (burning) tears.
  • آواز دادن هاتف مر طالب گنج را و اعلام کردن از حقیقت اسرار آن 
  • How the Voice from heaven called to the seeker of the treasure and acquainted him with the truth of the mysteries thereof.
  • اندرین بود او که الهام آمدش  ** کشف شد این مشکلات از ایزدش 
  • He was (engaged) in this (prayer) when inspiration came to him and these difficulties were solved for him by God,
  • کو بگفتت در کمان تیری بنه  ** کی بگفتندت که اندر کش تو زه 
  • Saying, “It (the Divine intimation) told you to put an arrow to the bow, (but) when were you told to pull the bowstring (hard)?
  • او نگفتت که کمان را سخت‌کش  ** در کمان نه گفت او نه پر کنش 
  • It did not tell you to draw the bow hard: it bade you put (the arrow) to the bow, not ‘shoot with your full strength.’
  • از فضولی تو کمان افراشتی  ** صنعت قواسیی بر داشتی  2350
  • You, from (motives of) vanity, raised the bow aloft and brought to a high pitch the art of archery.
  • ترک این سخته کمانی رو بگو  ** در کمان نه تیر و پریدن مجو 
  • Go, renounce this skill in drawing the strongbow: put the arrow to the bow and do not seek to draw to the full extent (of your power).
  • چون بیفتد بر کن آنجا می‌طلب  ** زور بگذار و بزاری جو ذهب 
  • When it (the arrow) falls, dig up the spot and search: abandon (trust in) strength and seek the gold by means of piteous supplication.”
  • آنچ حقست اقرب از حبل الورید  ** تو فکنده تیر فکرت را بعید 
  • That which is real is nearer than the neck-artery; you have shot the arrow of thought far afield.
  • ای کمان و تیرها بر ساخته  ** صید نزدیک و تو دور انداخته 
  • O you who have provided yourself with bow and arrows, the prey is near and you have shot far.
  • هرکه دوراندازتر او دورتر  ** وز چنین گنجست او مهجورتر  2355
  • The farther one shoots, the farther away and more separated is he from a treasure like this.