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  • زانک طفل خرد را مادر نهار  ** دست و پا باشد نهاده بر کنار  2375
  • Because at breakfast time a mother will have laid the little child’s hands and feet (in repose) on her bosom.
  • حکایت آن سه مسافر مسلمان و ترسا و جهود و آن کی به منزل قوتی یافتند و ترسا و جهود سیر بودند گفتند این قوت را فردا خوریم مسلمان صایم بود گرسنه ماند از آنک مغلوب بود 
  • Story of the three travellers—a Moslem, a Christian, and a Jew— who obtained (a gift of) some food at a hostelry. The Christian and the Jew had already eaten their fill, so they said, “Let us eat this food to-morrow.” The Moslem was fasting, and he remained hungry because he was overpowered (by his companions).
  • یک حکایت بشنو اینجا ای پسر  ** تا نگردی ممتحن اندر هنر 
  • Here listen to a story, O son, in order that you may not suffer affliction in (relying upon) talent.
  • آن جهود و مومن و ترسا مگر  ** همرهی کردند با هم در سفر 
  • As it happened, a Jew and a true believer and a Christian travelled together on a journey.
  • با دو گمره همره آمد مومنی  ** چون خرد با نفس و با آهرمنی 
  • A true believer travelled along with two miscreants, like reason (associated) with a carnal soul and Devil.
  • مرغزی و رازی افتند از سفر  ** همره و هم‌سفره پیش هم‌دگر 
  • In travel the man of Merv and the man of Rayy meet one another as companions on the road and at table.
  • در قفص افتند زاغ و جغد و باز  ** جفت شد در حبس پاک و بی‌نماز  2380
  • Crow and owl and falcon come (as captives) into the (same) cage: the holy and the irreligious become mates in prison.
  • کرده منزل شب به یک کاروانسرا  ** اهل شرق و اهل غرب و ما ورا 
  • At night Easterners and Westerners and Transoxanians make their abode in the same caravanseray.
  • مانده در کاروانسرا خرد و شگرف  ** روزها با هم ز سرما و ز برف 
  • Small and great (folk) remain together for days in the caravanseray because of frost and snow.
  • چون گشاده شد ره و بگشاد بند  ** بسکلند و هر یکی جایی روند 
  • As soon as the road is opened and the obstacle removed, they separate and every one goes in a (different) direction.
  • چون قفس را بشکند شاه خرد  ** جمع مرغان هر یکی سویی پرد 
  • When sovereign Reason breaks the cage, all the birds fly away, each one to a (different) quarter.