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  • پر گشاید هر دمی با اشک و آه  ** لیک پریدن ندارد روی و راه 
  • At every moment it spreads its wings with tears and sighs, but it has no room or way to fly.
  • راه شد هر یک پرد مانند باد  ** سوی آن کز یاد آن پر می‌گشاد 
  • (As soon as) way is made, each one flies like the wind towards that in remembrance of which it spread its wings.
  • آن طرف که بود اشک و آه او  ** چونک فرصت یافت باشد راه او 
  • Its way, when it gains the opportunity, is towards the region whither its tears and sighs were (directed).
  • در تن خود بنگر این اجزای تن  ** از کجاها گرد آمد در بدن 
  • Consider your own body: from what places were these corporeal parts (elements and faculties) collected in the body—
  • آبی و خاکی و بادی و آتشی  ** عرشی و فرشی و رومی و گشی  2390
  • Watery and earthen and airy and fiery, celestial and terrestrial, (some) of Rúm and (some) of Kash.
  • از امید عود هر یک بسته طرف  ** اندرین کاروانسرا از بیم برف 
  • In this (bodily) caravanseray one and all, from fear of the snow, have closed their eyes to the hope of returning (to their final destination).
  • برف گوناگون جمود هر جماد  ** در شتای بعد آن خورشید داد 
  • The various snows are (symbolise) the congelation of every inanimate thing in the winter of farness from that Sun of justice.
  • چون بتابد تف آن خورشید جشم  ** کوه گردد گاه ریگ و گاه پشم 
  • (But) when the heat of the angry Sun flames (forth), the mountain becomes now (like) sand and now (like) wool.
  • در گداز آید جمادات گران  ** چون گداز تن به وقت نقل جان 
  • The gross inanimate things dissolve, like the dissolution of the body at the hour of the spirit's departure.
  • چون رسیدند این سه همره منزلی  ** هدیه‌شان آورد حلوا مقبلی  2395
  • When these three fellow-travellers arrived at a certain hostelry, a man of fortune brought them (some) halwá (sweetmeat) as a gift.