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  • کل یوم فی القری ضیف حدیث  ** ما له غیر الاله من مغیث  2400
  • Every day in the villages (countryside) there is a new guest who has none to help him except God.
  • کل لیل فی القری وفد جدید  ** ما لهم ثم سوی الله محید 
  • Every night in the villages (countryside) are new-comers who have no refuge there save God.
  • تخمه بودند آن دو بیگانه ز خور  ** بود صایم روز آن مومن مگر 
  • The two aliens (the Jew and the Christian) were surfeited with food and suffering from indigestion; the true believer, as it happened, was fasting (all) day.
  • چون نماز شام آن حلوا رسید  ** بود مومن مانده در جوع شدید 
  • At the (time of) the evening prayer, when the halwá arrived, the true believer was reduced to extreme hunger.
  • آن دو کس گفتند ما از خور پریم  ** امشبش بنهیم و فردایش خوریم 
  • The two (others) said, “We have eaten our fill: let us put it away to-night and eat it to-morrow.
  • صبر گیریم امشب از خور تن زنیم  ** بهر فردا لوت را پنهان کنیم  2405
  • To-night let us practise self-denial and refrain from food; let us hide (reserve) the dainty for to-morrow.”
  • گفت مومن امشب این خورده شود  ** صبر را بنهیم تا فردا بود 
  • The true believer said, “Let this (sweetmeat) be eaten to-night; let us put away self-denial till to-morrow.”
  • پس بدو گفتند زین حکمت‌گری  ** قصد تو آن است تا تنها خوری 
  • Then they said to him, “Your purpose in this wisdom-mongering is that you may eat it (all) by yourself.”
  • گفت ای یاران نه که ما سه تنیم  ** چون خلاف افتاد تا قسمت کنیم 
  • “O my friends,” said he, “are not we three persons? Since disagreement has occurred, let us share.
  • هرکه خواهد قسم خود بر جان زند  ** هرکه خواهد قسم خود پنهان کند 
  • Let him who wishes take his own share to his heart (enjoy it); let him who wishes put his share in hiding.”