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  • گفت مومن امشب این خورده شود  ** صبر را بنهیم تا فردا بود 
  • The true believer said, “Let this (sweetmeat) be eaten to-night; let us put away self-denial till to-morrow.”
  • پس بدو گفتند زین حکمت‌گری  ** قصد تو آن است تا تنها خوری 
  • Then they said to him, “Your purpose in this wisdom-mongering is that you may eat it (all) by yourself.”
  • گفت ای یاران نه که ما سه تنیم  ** چون خلاف افتاد تا قسمت کنیم 
  • “O my friends,” said he, “are not we three persons? Since disagreement has occurred, let us share.
  • هرکه خواهد قسم خود بر جان زند  ** هرکه خواهد قسم خود پنهان کند 
  • Let him who wishes take his own share to his heart (enjoy it); let him who wishes put his share in hiding.”
  • آن دو گفتندش ز قسمت در گذر  ** گوش کن قسام فی‌النار از خبر  2410
  • The two (others) said to him, “Abandon (the thought of) sharing: give ear to (the words) ‘The sharer is in Hell-fire’ from the Traditions (of the Prophet).”
  • گفت قسام آن بود کو خویش را  ** کرد قسمت بر هوا و بر خدا 
  • He replied, “The sharer (referred to) is he that has shared himself between sensuality and God.”
  • ملک حق و جمله قسم اوستی  ** قسم دیگر را دهی دوگوستی 
  • Thou art God's property and His share entirely: (if) thou givest the share (of God) to another, thou art a dualist.
  • این اسد غالب شدی هم بر سگان  ** گر نبودی نوبت آن بدرگان 
  • This lion would have prevailed over the curs, if it had not been the turn of those evil-natured ones (to prevail).
  • قصدشان آن کان مسلمان غم خورد  ** شب برو در بی‌نوایی بگذرد 
  • ’Twas their intention that the Moslem should suffer pain and pass the night in want of food.
  • بود مغلوب او به تسلیم و رضا  ** گفت سمعا طاعة اصحابنا  2415
  • He was overpowered: he said, with resignation and acquiescence, “My friends, I hear and obey.”