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  • باز آن غشیان چو از من رفت زود  ** صورت هر یک دگرگونم نمود 
  • Again, as soon as the trance departed from me, the form of each one seemed to me to be diverse.
  • انبیا بودند ایشان اهل ود  ** اتحاد انبیاام فهم شد 
  • They were the prophets endowed with love (of God): (thus) the (spiritual) unity of the prophets was (clearly) apprehended by me.
  • باز املاکی همی دیدم شگرف  ** صورت ایشان بد از اجرام برف 
  • Again, I beheld some mighty angels: their outward form was (composed) of bodies of snow;
  • حلقه‌ی دیگر ملایک مستعین  ** صورت ایشان به جمله آتشین 
  • And (I saw) another circle of angels asking help (of God): their outward form was wholly of fire.”
  • زین نسق می‌گفت آن شخص جهود  ** بس جهودی که آخرش محمود بود  2450
  • On this wise did the Jew tell (his dream): there is many a Jew whose end was praiseworthy.
  • هیچ کافر را به خواری منگرید  ** که مسلمان مردنش باشد امید 
  • Do not regard any infidel with contempt, for there may be hope of his dying a Moslem.
  • چه خبر داری ز ختم عمر او  ** تا بگردانی ازو یک‌باره رو 
  • What knowledge have you of the close of his life that you should once (and for all) avert your face from him?
  • بعد از ان ترسا در آمد در کلام  ** که مسیحم رو نمود اندر منام 
  • Afterwards the Christian began to speak, saying, “The Messiah appeared to me in my dream.
  • من شدم با او به چارم آسمان  ** مرکز و مثوای خورشید جهان 
  • I went with him to the Fourth Heaven, (which is) the centre and abode of the sun of this world.
  • خود عجب‌های قلاع آسمان  ** نسبتش نبود به آیات جهان  2455
  • Verily, the marvels of the citadels of Heaven have no relation (cannot be compared) to the wonders of the (lower) world.