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  • الحذر ای ناقصان زین گلرخی  ** که بگاه صحبت آمد دوزخی 
  • O ye deficient (in understanding), beware of this rose-cheeked one who at the time of intercourse becomes (like) a hell.
  • حکایت غلام هندو کی به خداوندزاده‌ی خود پنهان هوای آورده بود چون دختر را با مهتر زاده‌ای عقد کردند غلام خبر یافت رنجور شد و می‌گداخت و هیچ طبیب علت او را در نمی‌یافت و او را زهره‌ی گفتن نه 
  • Story of the Hindú slave who had secretly fallen in love with his master's daughter. On learning that the girl was betrothed to the son of a nobleman, the slave sickened and began to waste away. No physician could diagnose his malady, and he (the slave) durst not tell.
  • خواجه‌ای را بود هندو بنده‌ای  ** پروریده کرده او را زنده‌ای 
  • A certain Khwája had a Hindú slave whom he had educated and enlivened (with knowledge).
  • علم و آدابش تمام آموخته  ** در دلش شمع هنر افروخته  250
  • He had taught him science and all polite accomplishments; he had lighted the candle of erudition in his heart.
  • پروریدش از طفولیت به ناز  ** در کنار لطف آن اکرام‌ساز 
  • That beneficent man had brought him up indulgently from childhood in the lap of kindness.
  • بود هم این خواجه را خوش دختری  ** سیم‌اندامی گشی خوش‌گوهری 
  • This Khwája had also a fair daughter, silver-limbed, lovely, and of excellent disposition.
  • چون مراهق گشت دختر طالبان  ** بذل می‌کردند کابین گران 
  • When the girl had almost reached womanhood, the suitors (for her hand) were offering heavy dowries,
  • می‌رسیدش از سوی هر مهتری  ** بهر دختر دم به دم خوزه‌گری 
  • And there was continually coming to him (the Khwája) from every nobleman a wooer to ask for the girl (in marriage).
  • گفت خواجه مال را نبود ثبات  ** روز آید شب رود اندر جهات  255
  • The Khwája said (to himself), “Wealth has no permanence: it comes in the morning, and at night it goes in all directions (is scattered to the winds).
  • حسن صورت هم ندارد اعتبار  ** که شود رخ زرد از یک زخم خار 
  • Physical beauty too has no importance, for a (rosy) face is made yellow (pale) by a single thorn-scratch.
  • سهل باشد نیز مهترزادگی  ** که بود غره به مال و بارگی 
  • Noble birth also is of small account, for he (such an one) is befooled by money and horses.”