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  • کو گشاد رقعه‌های آسمان  ** کو نهاد بقعه‌های خاکدان  2485
  • How can the wide expanse of the celestial domains be compared with the (limited) character of the terrestrial regions?”
  • جواب گفتن مسلمان آنچ دید به یارانش جهود و ترسا و حسرت خوردن ایشان 
  • How the Moslem in reply told his companions, the Jew and the Christian, what he had seen (in his dream), and how they were disappointed.
  • پس مسلمان گفت ای یاران من  ** پیشم آمد مصطفی سلطان من 
  • Then the Moslem said, “O my friends, to me came Mustafá (Mohammed), my sovereign,
  • پس مرا گفت آن یکی بر طور تاخت  ** با کلیم حق و نرد عشق باخت 
  • And said to me, ‘That one (the Jew) has sped to Sinai with him (Moses) to whom God spake, and has played the game of love (with God);
  • وان دگر را عیسی صاحب‌قران  ** برد بر اوج چهارم آسمان 
  • And the other (the Christian) has been carried by Jesus, the Lord of happy star, to the zenith of the Fourth Heaven.
  • خیز ای پس مانده‌ی دیده ضرر  ** باری آن حلوا و یخنی را بخور 
  • Arise, O thou who hast been left behind and hast suffered injury, at least eat up the sweetmeat and comfit!
  • آن هنرمندان پر فن راندند  ** نامه‌ی اقبال و منصب خواندند  2490
  • Those (two) talented and accomplished men have pushed forward and have read the book of fortune and honour.
  • آن دو فاضل فضل خود در یافتند  ** با ملایک از هنر در بافتند 
  • Those two eminent men have attained to their (proper) eminence and because of their talents have mingled with the angels.
  • ای سلیم گول واپس مانده هین  ** بر جه و بر کاسه‌ی حلوا نشین 
  • Hark, O foolish simpleton who hast been left behind, jump up and seat thyself beside the bowl of halwá!’”
  • پس بگفتندش که آنگه تو حریص  ** ای عجیب خوردی ز حلوا و خبیص 
  • Thereupon they said to him, “Then, you greedy fellow, have you made a meal of the halwá and khabís? Oh, (what) an astonishing thing!”
  • گفت چون فرمود آن شاه مطاع  ** من کی بودم تا کنم زان امتناع 
  • He replied, “When that sovereign who is obeyed (by all) gave the order, who was I that I should resist it?