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  • که در آن دم که ببری زین معین  ** مبتلی گردی تو با بس القرین 
  • For at the moment when you part from this helper you will be afflicted with an evil comrade
  • حکایت تعلق موش با چغز و بستن پای هر دو به رشته‌ای دراز و بر کشیدن زاغ موش را و معلق شدن چغز و نالیدن و پشیمانی او از تعلق با غیر جنس و با جنس خود ناساختن 
  • Story of the attachment between the mouse and the frog: how they tied their legs together with a long string, and how a raven carried off the mouse, and how the frog was suspended (in the air) and lamented and repented of having attached himself to an animal of a different species instead of sorting with one of his own kind.
  • از قضا موشی و چغزی با وفا  ** بر لب جو گشته بودند آشنا 
  • As it happened, a mouse and a faithful frog had become friends on the bank of a river.
  • هر دو تن مربوط میقاتی شدند  ** هر صباحی گوشه‌ای می‌آمدند 
  • Both of them were bound to (keep) a (daily) tryst: every morning they would come into a nook,
  • نرد دل با هم‌دگر می‌باختند  ** از وساوس سینه می‌پرداختند 
  • (Where) they played heart-and-soul with one another and emptied their breasts of evil (suspicious) thoughts.
  • هر دو را دل از تلاقی متسع  ** هم‌دگر را قصه‌خوان و مستمع  2635
  • The hearts of both swelled (with joy) from meeting: they recited stories and listened to each other,
  • رازگویان با زبان و بی‌زبان  ** الجماعه رحمه را تاویل دان 
  • Telling secrets with and without tongue, knowing how to interpret (the Tradition), “A united party is a (Divine) mercy.”
  • آن اشر چون جفت آن شاد آمدی  ** پنج ساله قصه‌اش یاد آمدی 
  • Whenever the exultant (mouse) consorted with the merry (frog), a five years' tale would come into his mind.
  • جوش نطق از دل نشان دوستیست  ** بستگی نطق از بی‌الفتیست 
  • Flow of speech from the heart is a sign of (intimate) friendship; obstruction of speech arises from lack of intimacy.
  • دل که دلبر دید کی ماند ترش  ** بلبلی گل دید کی ماند خمش 
  • The heart that has seen the sweetheart, how should it remain bitter? (When) a nightingale has seen the rose, how should he remain silent?
  • ماهی بریان ز آسیب خضر  ** زنده شد در بحر گشت او مستقر  2640
  • At the touch of Khadir the roasted fish came to life and took its abode in the sea.