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  • این چنین گراء کی خاین بود  ** ما گمان برده که هست او معتمد 
  • Such a wretched slave a traitor! (And) we thought he could be trusted!”
  • صبر فرمودن خواجه مادر دختر را کی غلام را زجر مکن من او را بی‌زجر ازین طمع باز آرم کی نه سیخ سوزد نه کباب خام ماند 
  • How the Khwája bade the girl's mother be patient, saying, “Don't scold the slave: without scolding him I will make him abandon this desire in such a way that neither will the spit be burnt nor the meat be left uncooked.
  • گفت خواجه صبر کن با او بگو  ** که ازو ببریم و بدهیمش به تو 
  • “Have patience,” said the Khwája: “tell him, ‘We will break off (the match) with him (the prospective bridegroom) and give her to you,’
  • تا مگر این از دلش بیرون کنم  ** تو تماشا کن که دفعش چون کنم  285
  • That perchance I may banish this (hope) from his mind: watch and see how I will thwart him.
  • تو دلش خوش کن بگو می‌دان درست  ** که حقیقت دختر ما جفت تست 
  • Gladden his heart and say, ‘Know for sure that our daughter is really your (destined) spouse.
  • ما ندانستیم ای خوش مشتری  ** چونک دانستیم تو اولیتری 
  • O goodly wooer, we didn't know (that you desired her): (now), since we know (that), you are the most worthy.
  • آتش ما هم درین کانون ما  ** لیلی آن ما و تو مجنون ما 
  • Our fire is in our own hearth: Laylá (the bride) is ours, and you are our Majnún (bridegroom).’
  • تا خیال و فکر خوش بر وی زند  ** فکر شیرین مرد را فربه کند 
  • (Tell him this) in order that happy fancies and thoughts may affect him: sweet thoughts make a man fat.
  • جانور فربه شود لیک از علف  ** آدمی فربه ز عزست و شرف  290
  • An animal is made fat, but (only) by fodder; man is fattened by honour and eminence.
  • آدمی فربه شود از راه گوش  ** جانور فربه شود از حلق و نوش 
  • Man is fattened through his ear; an animal is fattened through its gullet and by eating and drinking.”
  • گفت آن خاتون ازین ننگ مهین  ** خود دهانم کی بجنبد اندرین 
  • The mistress said, “Such a vile disgrace! How indeed shall my lips move in this matter?