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  • معده نان را می‌کشد تا مستقر  ** می‌کشد مر آب را تف جگر 
  • The belly attracts bread to its resting-place; the heat of the liver attracts water.
  • چشم جذاب بتان زین کویها  ** مغز جویان از گلستان بویها 
  • The eye is an attractor of beautiful persons from these (different) quarters of the town; the brain (nose) is seeking (to attract) scents from the rose-garden,
  • زانک حس چشم آمد رنگ کش  ** مغز و بینی می‌کشد بوهای خوش 
  • Because the sense peculiar to the eye is an attractor of colour, while the brain and nose attract sweet perfumes.
  • زین کششها ای خدای رازدان  ** تو به جذب لطف خودمان ده امان 
  • O Lord who knowest the secret, do Thou preserve us from these attractions by the attraction of Thy grace!
  • غالبی بر جاذبان ای مشتری  ** شاید ار درماندگان را وا خری  2905
  • Thou, O Purchaser, art dominant over (all) attractors: it would be fitting if Thou redeem the helpless.”
  • رو به شه آورد چون تشنه به ابر  ** آنک بود اندر شب قدر آن بدر 
  • He turned his face to the King as a thirsty man to a cloud— he who on the Night of Power was the Full-moon's own.
  • چون لسان وجان او بود آن او  ** آن او با او بود گستاخ‌گو 
  • Since his tongue and his spirit were His (the King's), (he was not afraid, for) he who is His may converse with Him boldly.
  • گفت ما گشتیم چون جان بند طین  ** آفتاب جان توی در یوم دین 
  • He said, “We have been bound (in chains) like the spirit in its prison of clay: Thou art the Sun (illuminator) of the spirit on the Day of Judgement.
  • وقت آن شد ای شه مکتوم‌سیر  ** کز کرم ریشی بجنبانی به خیر 
  • O King whose course is concealed (from view), the time is come for Thee graciously to make a movement (sign) with Thy beard in clemency.
  • هر یکی خاصیت خود را نمود  ** آن هنرها جمله بدبختی فزود  2910
  • Each one (of us) has displayed his specialty: all those talents have (only) increased (our) ill-fortune.