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  • آدمی فربه شود از راه گوش  ** جانور فربه شود از حلق و نوش 
  • Man is fattened through his ear; an animal is fattened through its gullet and by eating and drinking.”
  • گفت آن خاتون ازین ننگ مهین  ** خود دهانم کی بجنبد اندرین 
  • The mistress said, “Such a vile disgrace! How indeed shall my lips move in this matter?
  • این چنین ژاژی چه خایم بهر او  ** گو بمیر آن خاین ابلیس‌خو 
  • Why should I talk drivel like this for his sake? Let the devilish traitor die!”
  • گفت خواجه نی مترس و دم دهش  ** تا رود علت ازو زین لطف خوش 
  • “Nay,” replied the Khwája, “have no fear, but wheedle him, in order that his illness may depart from him by virtue of this sweet flattery.
  • دفع او را دلبرا بر من نویس  ** هل که صحت یابد آن باریک‌ریس  295
  • Charge me with the task of thwarting him, O beloved, and let that spinner of fine yarns regain his health.”
  • چون بگفت آن خسته را خاتون چنین  ** می‌نگنجید از تبختر بر زمین 
  • When the mistress had spoken in this strain to the invalid, on account of his swagger there was no room for him on the earth.
  • زفت گشت و فربه و سرخ و شکفت  ** چون گل سرخ هزاران شکر گفت 
  • He grew stout and fat and red(-cheeked), and bloomed like a red rose and gave a thousand thanks.
  • که گهی می‌گفت ای خاتون من  ** که مبادا باشد این دستان و فن 
  • Now and again he would say, “O my mistress, (I am afraid) lest this may be a deception and trick.”
  • خواجه جمعیت بکرد و دعوتی  ** که همی‌سازم فرج را وصلتی 
  • The Khwája gave a party and a feast, saying (to his guests), “I am making a match for Faraj,”
  • تا جماعت عشوه می‌دادند و گان  ** که ای فرج بادت مبارک اتصال  300
  • So that the company chaffed and quizzed (him) and said, “May your marriage be blessed, O Faraj!”