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  • چون بگفت آن خسته را خاتون چنین  ** می‌نگنجید از تبختر بر زمین 
  • When the mistress had spoken in this strain to the invalid, on account of his swagger there was no room for him on the earth.
  • زفت گشت و فربه و سرخ و شکفت  ** چون گل سرخ هزاران شکر گفت 
  • He grew stout and fat and red(-cheeked), and bloomed like a red rose and gave a thousand thanks.
  • که گهی می‌گفت ای خاتون من  ** که مبادا باشد این دستان و فن 
  • Now and again he would say, “O my mistress, (I am afraid) lest this may be a deception and trick.”
  • خواجه جمعیت بکرد و دعوتی  ** که همی‌سازم فرج را وصلتی 
  • The Khwája gave a party and a feast, saying (to his guests), “I am making a match for Faraj,”
  • تا جماعت عشوه می‌دادند و گان  ** که ای فرج بادت مبارک اتصال  300
  • So that the company chaffed and quizzed (him) and said, “May your marriage be blessed, O Faraj!”
  • تا یقین‌تر شد فرج را آن سخن  ** علت از وی رفت کل از بیخ و بن 
  • With the result that the promise seemed to Faraj more sure, and his illness vanished entirely and radically.
  • بعد از آن اندر شب گردک به فن  ** امردی را بست حنی هم‌چو زن 
  • Afterwards, on the wedding-night, he (the Khwája) artfully dyed (the hands and feet of) a youth with henna, like (those of) a woman.
  • پر نگارش کرد ساعد چون عروس  ** پس نمودش ماکیان دادش خروس 
  • He decorated his fore-arms like (those of) a bride: then he displayed to him (Faraj) a hen, but (actually) he gave him a cock;
  • مقنعه و حله‌ی عروسان نکو  ** کنگ امرد را بپوشانید او 
  • (For) he dressed the sturdy youth in the veil and robes of beautiful brides.
  • شمع را هنگام خلوت زود کشت  ** ماند هندو با چنان کنگ درشت  305
  • Quo tempore mos est sponsam cum conjuge in thalamo relinquere, (paterfamilias) candelam statim exstinxit: manebat Indus coram tali adulescente robusto et aspero. [He (the Khwája) immediately extinguished the candle (at) the time of (conjugal) privacy: the Hindu was left (alone) with such a rough and strong-bodied (young) man.]