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  • برکشیدش فوق این نیلی‌حصار  ** مرغ گردونی چو چغزش زاغ‌وار 
  • The celestial Bird (Gabriel) carried him up above this dark-blue fortress (vault) as the raven (carried) the frog.
  • قصه‌ی عبدالغوث و ربودن پریان او را و سالها میان پریان ساکن شدن او و بعد از سالها آمدن او به شهر و فرزندان خویش را باز ناشکیفتن او از آن پریان بحکم جنسیت و همدلی او با ایشان 
  • Story of ‘Abdu ’l-Ghawth and his being carried off by the peris and staying among them for years, and how after (many) years he returned to his (native) town and his children, but could not endure to be parted from the peris, because he was really their congener and spiritually one with them.
  • بود عبدالغوث هم‌جنس پری  ** چون پری نه سال در پنهان‌پری 
  • ‘Abdu ’l-Ghawth was a congener of the peri: for nine years he was flying about invisibly, like a peri.
  • شد زنش را نسل از شوی دگر  ** وآن یتیمانش ز مرگش در سمر  2975
  • His wife had offspring by another husband, and his (‘Abdu ’l-Ghawth's) orphans used to talk of his death,
  • که مرورا گرگ زد یا ره‌زنی  ** یا فتاد اندر چهی یا مکمنی 
  • Saying, “A wolf or a brigand (must have) attacked him, or (perhaps) he fell into a pit or ambush.”
  • جمله فرزندانش در اشغال مست  ** خود نگفتندی که بابایی بدست 
  • All his children were passionately absorbed in (worldly) occupations: they never said (thought) that they had a father (who might be alive).
  • بعد نه سال آمد او هم عاریه  ** گشت پیدا باز شد متواریه 
  • After nine years he came (back) temporarily: he appeared and (then) disappeared again.
  • یک مهی مهمان فرزندان خویش  ** بود و زان پس کس ندیدش رنگ بیش 
  • He was the guest of his children for one month, and after that nobody saw any more of him.
  • برد هم جنسی پریانش چنان  ** که رباید روح را زخم سنان  2980
  • (Inward) homogeneity with the peris carried him off, just as a spear-thrust ravishes the spirit (from the body).
  • چون بهشتی جنس جنت آمدست  ** هم ز جنسیت شود یزدان‌پرست 
  • Since one who is destined for Paradise is (inwardly) homogeneous with Paradise, on account of homogeneity he also becomes a worshipper of God.
  • نه نبی فرمود جود و محمده  ** شاخ جنت دان به دنیا آمده 
  • Has not the Prophet said, “Know that liberality and virtue are (drooping) branches of (the trees in) Paradise (and have) come (have been let down) into this world”?