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  • داده بودش صنع حق جمعیتی  ** که همی‌زد یک تنه بر امتی 
  • God's (creative) action had bestowed on him such a collectedness that he was attacking a (whole) people single-handed.
  • چشم من چون دید روی آن قباد  ** کثرت اعداد از چشمم فتاد  3040
  • When mine eye beheld the face of that (spiritual) emperor, (all) plurality vanished from my sight.”
  • اختران بسیار و خورشید ار یکیست  ** پیش او بنیاد ایشان مندکیست 
  • The stars are many; though the sun is one, (yet) on his appearance their foundation is demolished.
  • گر هزاران موش پیش آرند سر  ** گربه را نه ترس باشد نه حذر 
  • If a thousand mice put forth their heads, the cat feels no fear or apprehension of danger.
  • کی به پیش آیند موشان ای فلان  ** نیست جمعیت درون جانشان 
  • How should mice advance (to the attack), O such-and-such? They have no collectedness in their souls.
  • هست جمعیت به صورتها فشار  ** جمع معنی خواه هین از کردگار 
  • The collectedness (that consists) in outward forms is a vain thing: hark, beg from the Creator collectedness of spirit.
  • نیست جمعیت ز بسیاری جسم  ** جسم را بر باد قایم دان چو اسم  3045
  • Collectedness is not the result of bodily multitude: know that body, like name, is built on (empty) air.
  • در دل موش ار بدی جمعیتی  ** جمع گشتی چند موش از حمیتی 
  • If there were any collectedness in the heart of the mouse, a number of mice would be collected (united) by a feeling of indignation,
  • بر زدندی چون فدایی حمله‌ای  ** خویش را بر گربه‌ی بی‌مهله‌ای 
  • And, rushing up like assassins, they would throw themselves on a cat without (giving her) any respite.
  • آن یکی چشمش بکندی از ضراب  ** وان دگر گوشش دریدی هم به ناب 
  • One would tear out her eyes in conflict (with her), while another would rip her ears with its teeth,