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  • تا به شب بی‌خویش بود و بعد از آن  ** نیم مرده بازگشت از غیب جان 
  • He remained unconscious till nightfall, and then his soul returned, half-dead, from the Unseen.
  • باخبر شدن آن غریب از وفات آن محتسب و استغفار او از اعتماد بر مخلوق و تعویل بر عطای مخلوق و یاد نعمتهای حق کردنش و انابت به حق از جرم خود ثم الذین کفروا بربهم یعدلون 
  • How the poor stranger was informed of the Inspector's death and begged God to pardon him for having relied upon a created being and having rested his hopes upon the bounty of a created being; and how he remembered the blessings he had received from God, and turned to God and repented of his sin: “then those who disbelieve equal (Him with others).”
  • چون به هوش آمد بگفت ای کردگار  ** مجرمم بودم به خلق اومیدوار 
  • When he came to his senses, he said, “O Maker, I am a sinner: I was setting my hopes on (Thy) creatures.
  • گرچه خواجه بس سخاوت کرده بود  ** هیچ آن کفو عطای تو نبود  3125
  • Though the Khwája had shown great generosity, (yet) that was never a match for Thy bounty.
  • او کله بخشید و تو سر پر خرد  ** او قبا بخشید و تو بالا و قد 
  • He gave the cap, but Thou the head filled with intelligence; he gave the coat, but Thou the tall figure and stature (of its wearer).
  • او زرم داد و تو دست زرشمار  ** او ستورم داد و تو عقل سوار 
  • He gave me gold, but Thou the hand that counts gold; he gave me the beast for riding, but Thou the mind that rides it.
  • خواجه شمعم دادو تو چشم قریر  ** خواجه نقلم داد و تو طعمه‌پذیر 
  • The Khwája gave me the candle, but Thou the cool (bright and cheerful) eye; the Khwája gave me the dessert, but Thou the food-receiving (stomach).
  • او وظیفه داد و تو عمر و حیات  ** وعده‌اش زر وعده‌ی تو طیبات 
  • He gave me the stipend, but Thou life and animate existence; his promise was gold, but Thy promise the pure things (of the spirit).
  • او وثاقم داد و تو چرخ و زمین  ** در وثاقت او و صد چون او سمین  3130
  • He gave me a house, but Thou the sky and the earth: in Thy house he and a hundred like him (grow) fat.
  • زر از آن تست زر او نافرید  ** نان از آن تست نان از تش رسید 
  • Gold is Thine: he did not create gold. Bread is Thine: bread came to him from Thee.
  • آن سخا و رحم هم تو دادیش  ** کز سخاوت می‌فزودی شادیش 
  • Thou also gavest him generosity and pity, and his joy was increased by (showing) that generosity.