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  • محسنان هستند کو آن مستطاب  ** اختران هستند کو آن آفتاب 
  • There are benefactors, (but) where is that one who was found (by all) to be (supremely) good? There are stars, (but) where is that sun?
  • تو شدی سوی خدا ای محترم  ** پس به سوی حق روم من نیز هم  3330
  • Thou hast gone unto God, O venerated man: I too, therefore, will go unto God.”
  • مجمع و پای علم ماوی القرون  ** هست حق کل لدینا محضرون 
  • God is the assembly-place where the generations (of mankind) are mustered under His banner: all are brought before Us.
  • نقش‌ها گر بی‌خبر گر با خبر  ** در کف نقاش باشد محتصر 
  • The pictures (phenomenal forms), whether unconscious or conscious (of it), are (always) present in the hand of the Painter.
  • دم به دم در صفحه‌ی اندیشه‌شان  ** ثبت و محوی می‌کند آن بی‌نشان 
  • Moment by moment that traceless One is setting down (what He will) on the page of their thought and (then) obliterating it.
  • خشم می‌آرد رضا را می‌برد  ** بخل می‌آرد سخا را می‌برد 
  • He is putting anger (there) and taking acquiescence away: He is putting stinginess (there) and taking generosity away.
  • نیم لحظه مدرکاتم شام و غدو  ** هیچ خالی نیست زین اثبات و محو  3335
  • Never for (even) half a wink at eve or morn are my ideas exempt from this (process of) imprinting (on the mind) and obliterating.
  • کوزه‌گر با کوزه باشد کارساز  ** کوزه از خود کی شود پهن و دراز 
  • The potter works at the pot to fashion it: how should the pot become broad and long of itself?
  • چوب در دست دروگر معتکف  ** ورنه چون گردد بریده و متلف 
  • The wood is kept constantly in the carpenter's hand: else how should it be hewn and put into right shape?
  • جامه اندر دست خیاطی بود  ** ورنه از خود چون بدوزد یا درد 
  • The garment (while being made) is in the hands of a tailor: else how should it sew and cut of itself?