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  • هم‌چو آتش در رسیدند آن گروه  ** هم‌چو پشمی گشت امیر هم‌چو کوه 
  • (Quick) as fire, the party (of officers) arrived (there): the Amír who was like a mountain (in pride and stubbornness) became (soft and weak) as a piece of wool
  • جانش از درد و غبین تا لب رسید  ** جز عمادالملک زنهاری ندید  3365
  • He almost expired from the anguish and defraudment: he saw no (means of) protection except the ‘Imádu ’l-Mulk;
  • که عمادالملک بد پای علم  ** بهر هر مظلوم و هر مقتول غم 
  • For the ‘Imádu ’l-Mulk was the foot of the banner to which every victim of injustice and every one stricken by distress would flock for refuge.
  • محترم‌تر خود نبد زو سروری  ** پیش سلطان بود چون پیغامبری 
  • In sooth there was no chief more revered than he: in the eyes of the Sultan he was like a prophet.
  • بی‌طمع بود او اصیل و پارسا  ** رایض و شب‌خیز و حاتم در سخا 
  • He was unambitious, strong-minded, devout, ascetic, one who kept vigils and was (like) Hátim in generosity;
  • بس همایون‌رای و با تدبیر و راد  ** آزموده رای او در هر مراد 
  • Very felicitous in judgement, endowed with foresight, and sage: his judgement had been proved in everything that he sought to attain.
  • هم به بذل جان سخی و هم به مال  ** طالب خورشید غیب او چون هلال  3370
  • (He was) generous both in self-sacrifice and in sacrificing wealth: (he was) always seeking the Sun of the invisible world, like the new-moon.
  • در امیری او غریب و محتبس  ** در صفات فقر وخلت ملتبس 
  • In his (worldly) princedom he felt strange and embarrassed: he was clad (inwardly) in the attributes of (spiritual) poverty and love (of God).
  • بوده هر محتاج را هم‌چون پدر  ** پیش سلطان شافع و دفع ضرر 
  • He was like a father to every one in need: before the Sultan he was an intercessor and the means of averting harm.
  • مر بدان را ستر چون حلم خدا  ** خلق او بر عکس خلقان و جدا 
  • To the wicked he was a covering (to palliate their offences), like the clemency of God: his nature was opposite to (that of other) created beings and apart (from theirs).