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  • لیک یوسف را به خود مشغول کرد  ** تا نیاید در دلش زان حبس درد 
  • But He caused Joseph to be engrossed with Him, to the end that his heart should not be pained by that imprisonment.
  • آن‌چنانش انس و مستی داد حق  ** که نه زندان ماند پیشش نه غسق  3415
  • God gave him such intimate joy and rapture that neither the prison nor the mirk (of his dungeon) remained (visible) to him.
  • نیست زندانی وحش‌تر از رحم  ** ناخوش و تاریک و پرخون و وخم 
  • There is no prison more frightful than the womb—noisome and dark and full of blood and unhealthy;
  • چون گشادت حق دریچه سوی خویش  ** در رحم هر دم فزاید تنت بیش 
  • (Yet), when God has opened for you a window in His direction, your body (hidden) in the womb grows more (and more) every moment,
  • اندر آن زندان ز ذوق بی‌قیاس  ** خوش شکفت از غرس جسم تو حواس 
  • And in that prison, from the immeasurable delight (which you feel therein), the senses blossom happily from the plant, your body.
  • زان رحم بیرون شدن بر تو درشت  ** می‌گریزی از زهارش سوی پشت 
  • ’Tis grievous to you to go forth from the womb: you are fleeing from her (your mother's) pubes towards her back.
  • راه لذت از درون دان نه از برون  ** ابلهی دان جستن قصر و حصون  3420
  • Know that the way of (spiritual) pleasure is from within, not from without: know that it is folly to seek palaces and castles.
  • آن یکی در کنج مسجد مست و شاد  ** وآن دگر در باغ ترش و بی‌مراد 
  • One man is enraptured and delighted in the nook of a mosque, while another is morose and disappointed in a garden.
  • قصر چیزی نیست ویران کن بدن  ** گنج در ویرانیست ای میر من 
  • The palace (body) is nothing: ruin your body! The treasure lies in the ruin, O my prince.
  • این نمی‌بینی که در بزم شراب  ** مست آنگه خوش شود کو شد خراب 
  • Don't you see that at the wine-feast the drunkard becomes happy (only) when he becomes ruined (senseless)?