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  • تا خری پیری گریزد زان نفیس  ** گاو بیند شاه نی یعنی بلیس 
  • To the end that an old ass, Iblís to wit, may flee from that precious (treasure) and may see (only) the cow and not (see) the king.
  • حکایت آن پادشاه و وصیت کردن او سه پسر خویش را کی درین سفر در ممالک من فلان جا چنین ترتیب نهید و فلان جا چنین نواب نصب کنید اما الله الله به فلان قلعه مروید و گرد آن مگردید 
  • Story of the King who enjoined his three sons, saying, “In this journey through my empire establish certain arrangements in such-and-such a place and appoint certain viceroys in such-and-such a place, but for God's sake, for God's sake, do not go to such-and-such a fortress and do not roam around it.”
  • بود شاهی شاه را بد سه پسر  ** هر سه صاحب‌فطنت و صاحب‌نظر 
  • There was a King, and the King had three sons: all three (were) endowed with sagacity and discernment.
  • هر یکی از دیگری استوده‌تر  ** در سخا و در وغا و کر و فر 
  • Each one (was) more praiseworthy than another in generosity and in battle and in exercising royal sway.
  • پیش شه شه‌زادگان استاده جمع  ** قرة العینان شه هم‌چون سه شمع  3585
  • The princes, (who were) the delight of the King's eye, stood together, like three candles, before the King,
  • از ره پنهان ز عینین پسر  ** می‌کشید آبی نخیل آن پدر 
  • And the father's palm-tree was drawing water by a hidden channel from the two fountains (eyes) of the son.
  • تا ز فرزند آب این چشمه شتاب  ** می‌رود سوی ریاض مام و باب 
  • So long as the water of this fountain is running swiftly from the son towards the gardens of his mother and father,
  • تازه می‌باشد ریاض والدین  ** گشته جاری عینشان زین هر دو عین 
  • His parents' gardens will always be fresh: their fountain is made to flow by (the water from) both these fountains.
  • چون شود چشمه ز بیماری علیل  ** خشک گردد برگ و شاخ آن نخیل 
  • (But) when from sickness the (son's) fountain fails, the leaves and boughs of the (father's) palm-tree become withered.
  • خشکی نخلش همی‌گوید پدید  ** که ز فرزندان شجر نم می‌کشید  3590
  • The withering of his palm-tree tells plainly that the tree was drawing moisture from the son.
  • ای بسا کاریز پنهان هم‌چنین  ** متصل با جانتان یا غافلین 
  • How many a hidden conduit is connected in like fashion with your souls, O ye heedless ones!