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  • قرةالعینت چو ز آب و گل بود  ** راتبه‌ی این قره درد دل بود 
  • Since your eye is rejoiced by water and earth, heart's sorrow is the payment for this joy.
  • قلعه را چون آب آید از برون  ** در زمان امن باشد بر فزون  3600
  • When (the supply of) water comes to a fortress from outside, it is more than enough in times of peace;
  • چونک دشمن گرد آن حلقه کند  ** تا که اندر خونشان غرقه کند 
  • (But) when the enemy forms a ring round that (fortress), in order that he may drown them (the garrison) in blood,
  • آب بیرون را ببرند آن سپاه  ** تا نباشد قلعه را زانها پناه 
  • The (hostile) troops cut off the outside water, that (the defenders of) the fortress may have no refuge from them.
  • آن زمان یک چاه شوری از درون  ** به ز صد جیحون شیرین از برون 
  • At that time a briny well inside (the walls) is better than a hundred sweet rivers outside.
  • قاطع الاسباب و لشکرهای مرگ  ** هم‌چو دی آید به قطع شاخ و برگ 
  • The Cutter of cords (Death) and the armies of Death come, like December, to cut the boughs and leaves (of the body),
  • در جهان نبود مددشان از بهار  ** جز مگر در جان بهار روی یار  3605
  • (And then) there is no succour for them in the world from Spring, except perchance the Spring of the Beloved's face in the soul.
  • زان لقب شد خاک را دار الغرور  ** کو کشد پا را سپس یوم العبور 
  • The Earth is entitled “the Abode of delusion” because she draws back her foot (and deserts you) on the day of passage.
  • پیش از آن بر راست و بر چپ می‌دوید  ** که بچینم درد تو چیزی نچید 
  • Before that (time) she was running right and left, saying, “I will take away thy sorrow”; but she never took anything away.
  • او بگفتی مر ترا وقت غمان  ** دور از تو رنج و ده که در میان 
  • In the hour of anxieties she would say to you, “May pain be far from thee, and (may) ten mountains (stand) between (pain and thee)!”