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  • چون بر آرند از پشیمانی حنین  ** عرش لرزد از انین المذنبین  3625
  • When, (moved) by sorrow, they raise a piteous cry, the highest Heaven trembles at the moaning of the sinners.
  • آن‌چنان لرزد که مادر بر ولد  ** دستشان گیرد به بالا می‌کشد 
  • It trembles even as a mother for her child: it takes them by the hand and draws them upward,
  • کای خداتان وا خریده از غرور  ** نک ریاض فضل و نک رب غفور 
  • Saying, “O ye whom God hath redeemed from delusion, behold the gardens of (Divine) grace and behold the forgiving Lord!
  • بعد ازینتان برگ و رزق جاودان  ** از هوای حق بود نه از ناودان 
  • Henceforth ye have everlasting provision and sustenance from God's air, not from the gutter (on the roof).”
  • چونک دریا بر وسایط رشک کرد  ** تشنه چون ماهی به ترک مشک کرد 
  • Inasmuch as the Sea is jealous of intermediaries, he that is thirsty as a fish takes leave of the water-skin.
  • روان شدن شه‌زادگان در ممالک پدر بعد از وداع کردن ایشان شاه را و اعادت کردن شاه وقت وداع وصیت را الی آخره 
  • How the princes, having bidden the King farewell, set out on a journey through their father's empire, and how the King repeated his injunctions at the moment of farewell.
  • عزم ره کردند آن هر سه پسر  ** سوی املاک پدر رسم سفر  3630
  • The (King's) three sons set out, in the fashion of (men equipped for) travel, to (visit) their father's (distant) possessions,
  • در طواف شهرها و قلعه‌هاش  ** از پی تدبیر دیوان و معاش 
  • And to make a tour of his cities and fortresses for the purpose of regulating the administrative and economic conditions.
  • دست‌بوس شاه کردند و وداع  ** پس بدیشان گفت آن شاه مطاع 
  • They kissed the King's hand and bade him farewell; then the King, (who is) obeyed (by all), said to them:
  • هر کجاتان دل کشد عازم شوید  ** فی امان الله دست افشان روید 
  • “Direct your course whithersoever your heart (inclination) may lead you, go (your way) under the protection of God, waving your hands (dancing joyously).
  • غیر آن یک قلعه نامش هش‌ربا  ** تنگ آرد بر کله‌داران قبا 
  • (Go anywhere) except to one fortress, the name of which is ‘the robber of reason’: it makes the coat tight for wearers of the tiara.