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  • آن طبیبان آن‌چنان بنده‌ی سبب  ** گشته‌اند از مکر یزدان محتجب 
  • Those (worldly-wise) physicians (are) so enthralled by the secondary cause (that) they have become blind to God's contrivance.
  • گر ببندی در صطبلی گاو نر  ** باز یابی در مقام گاو خر  3680
  • If you tether an ox in a stall and then find an ass in the place of the ox,
  • از خری باشد تغافل خفته‌وار  ** که نجویی تا کیست آن خفیه کار 
  • ’Twould be asinine carelessness, like (that of) a man in slumber, not to inquire who is the secret agent (that has effected the substitution).
  • خود نگفته این مبدل تا کیست  ** نیست پیدا او مگر افلاکیست 
  • (Yet) you never said, “Let me see who this changer is: he is not visible; surely, he is a celestial being.”
  • تیر سوی راست پرانیده‌ای  ** سوی چپ رفتست تیرت دیده‌ای 
  • You have shot an arrow to the right and have seen your arrow go to the left.
  • سوی آهویی به صیدی تاختی  ** خویش را تو صید خوکی ساختی 
  • You have ridden in chase of a deer and have made yourself the prey of a hog.
  • در پی سودی دویده بهر کبس  ** نارسیده سود افتاده به حبس  3685
  • You have run after some gain for the purpose of stuffing yourself: the gain has not reached (you) and you have been cast into prison.
  • چاهها کنده برای دیگران  ** خویش را دیده فتاده اندر آن 
  • You have dug pits for others and have seen yourself fall into them.
  • در سبب چون بی‌مرادت کرد رب  ** پس چرا بدظن نگردی در سبب 
  • Since the Lord has disappointed you in regard to the means (of obtaining your desire), then why do not you become suspicious of the means?
  • بس کسی از مکسبی خاقان شده  ** دیگری زان مکسبه عریان شده 
  • Many a one has become an emperor by dint of toil, while (many) another has been made destitute by that (same) toil.