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  • شرط او آن بود که کس با زبان  ** زر نخواهد هیچ نگشاید لبان 
  • His rule (in giving alms) was that no one should beg for gold with his tongue or open his lips at all;
  • لیک خامش بر حوالی رهش  ** ایستاده مفلسان دیواروش 
  • But the paupers stood in silence, like a wall, on the outskirts of his path,
  • هر که کردی ناگهان با لب سال  ** زو نبردی زین گنه یک حبه مال  3810
  • And any one who suddenly begged with his lips was punished for this offence by not getting from him (even) a mite of money.
  • من صمت منکم نجا بد یاسه‌اش  ** خامشان را بود کیسه و کاسه‌اش 
  • His maxim was “Those of you who keep silence are saved”: his purses and bowls (of food) were (reserved) for the silent.
  • نادرا روزی یکی پیری بگفت  ** ده زکاتم که منم با جوع جفت 
  • One day (it happened) extraordinarily (that) an old man said, “Give me alms, for I am hungry.”
  • منع کرد از پیر و پیرش جد گرفت  ** مانده خلق از جد پیر اندر شگفت 
  • He refused (alms) to the old man, but the old man importuned him: the people were astounded by the old man's importunity.
  • گفت بس بی‌شرم پیری ای پدر  ** پیر گفت از من توی بی‌شرم‌تر 
  • He (the Sadr) said, “You are a very shameless old man, O father.” The old man replied, “Thou art more shameless than I,
  • کین جهان خوردی و خواهی تو ز طمع  ** کان جهان با این جهان گیری به جمع  3815
  • For thou hast enjoyed this world, and in thy greed thou wouldst fain take the other world (to enjoy it) together with this world.”
  • خنده‌اش آمد مال داد آن پیر را  ** پیر تنها برد آن توفیر را 
  • He (the Sadr) laughed and gave the old man some money: the old man alone obtained the bounty.
  • غیر آن پیر ایچ خواهنده ازو  ** نیم حبه زر ندید و نه تسو 
  • Except that old man none of those who begged (aloud) saw half a mite or a single farthing of his money.