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  • مغز نغز و قشرها مغفور ازو  ** مغز را پس چون بسوزد دور ازو 
  • The pure kernels and (also) the husks are pardoned by Him: how, then, should He burn the kernel? Far (be it) from Him!
  • از عنایت گر بکوبد بر سرش  ** اشتها آید شراب احمرش 
  • If in His grace He beat the head of him (who resembles the husk), he (such an one) will feel an eager desire for the red wine;
  • ور نکوبد ماند او بسته‌دهان  ** چون فقیه از شرب و بزم این شهان 
  • And if He do not beat him, he will remain, like the jurist, with his mouth closed against the potations and festivity of these (spiritual) kings.
  • گفت شه با ساقیش ای نیک‌پی  ** چه خموشی ده به طبعش آر هی 
  • The king said to his cup-bearer, “O well-conducted (youth), why art thou silent? Give (it him) and put him in good humour.”
  • هست پنهان حاکمی بر هر خرد  ** هرکه را خواهد به فن از سر برد  3935
  • Over every mind there is a hidden Ruler, (who) cunningly diverts from his purpose whomsoever He will.
  • آفتاب مشرق و تنویر او  ** چون اسیران بسته در زنجیر او 
  • The sun in the East and his radiance are bound like captives in His chain.
  • چرخ را چرخ اندر آرد در زمن  ** چون بخواند در دماغش نیم فن 
  • He causes the (celestial) sphere to revolve immediately when He chants half of a cunning spell in its brain.
  • عقل کو عقل دگر را سخره کرد  ** مهره زو دارد ویست استاد نرد 
  • The mind which dominates another mind has (obtains) the dice (of victory) from Him: He is the Master-player.
  • چند سیلی بر سرش زد گفت گیر  ** در کشید از بیم سیلی آن زحیر 
  • He (the cup-bearer) gave him (the jurist) several cuffs on the head, saying, “Take (the cup)!” The tormented man drained it in dread of (receiving further) blows.
  • مست گشت و شاد و خندان شد چو باغ  ** در ندیمی و مضاحک رفت و لاغ  3940
  • He became tipsy and merry and smiling (gay) as a garden: he began to act like a boon-companion and tell ridiculous stories and make jokes.