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  • شاه آمد تا ببیند واقعه  ** دید آن‌جا زلزله‌ی القارعه 
  • The king came to see what had happened: he beheld there (what resembled) the commotion (on the Day) of Calamity.
  • آن فقیه از بیم برجست و برفت  ** سوی مجلس جام را بربود تفت 
  • The jurist sprang up in terror and fled to the banquet-hall and hastily seized the wine-cup.
  • شه چون دوزخ پر شرار و پر نکال  ** تشنه‌ی خون دو جفت بدفعال  3965
  • The king, full of fire and fury like Hell, was thirsting for the blood of the guilty pair.
  • چون فقیهش دید رخ پر خشم و قهر  ** تلخ و خونی گشته هم‌چون جام زهر 
  • When the jurist saw his enraged and wrathful countenance, which had become bitter and murderous as a cup of poison,
  • بانگ زد بر ساقیش که ای گرم‌دار  ** چه نشستی خیره ده در طبعش آر 
  • He shouted to his cup-bearer, “O solicitous (attendant), why do you sit (there) dumbfounded? Give (him wine) and put him in good humour!”
  • خنده آمد شاه را گفت ای کیا  ** آمدم با طبع آن دختر ترا 
  • The  king laughed and said, “O sir, I am restored to my good humour: the girl is thine.
  • پادشاهم کار من عدلست و داد  ** زان خورم که یار را جودم بداد 
  • I am the king: my business is (to show) justice and bounty: I drink of that which my munificence bestowed on my friend.
  • آنچ آن را من ننوشم هم‌چو نوش  ** کی دهم در خورد یار و خویش و توش  3970
  • How should I give friend and kinsman for food and drink what I (myself) would not (eat and) drink as (gladly as) honey?
  • زان خورانم من غلامان را که من  ** می‌خورم بر خوان خاص خویشتن 
  • I let my pages eat and drink of that which I eat and drink at my own private table.
  • زان خورانم بندگان را از طعام  ** که خورم من خود ز پخته یا ز خام 
  • I give my slaves the same food, cooked or raw, as I eat myself.