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  • رفت طغیان آب از چشمش گشاد  ** آب چشمش زرع دین را آب داد 
  • Frowardness departed (from him) and released the water (tears) from his eye: his tears watered (revived) the crops of devotion.
  • سبب تاخیر اجابت دعای مومن 
  • The reason why the answer to the true believer's prayer is delayed.
  • ای بسا مخلص که نالد در دعا  ** تا رود دود خلوصش بر سما 
  • Oh, how many a sincere (worshipper) moans in prayer, so that the smoke of his sincerity ascends to Heaven,
  • تا رود بالای این سقف برین  ** بوی مجمر از انین المذنبین 
  • And from the lamentation of the sinful the perfume of the censer floats up beyond this lofty roof!
  • پس ملایک با خدا نالند زار  ** کای مجیب هر دعا وی مستجار 
  • Then the angels beseech God piteously, saying, “O Thou who answerest every prayer and O Thou whose protection is invoked,
  • بنده‌ی مومن تضرع می‌کند  ** او نمی‌داند به جز تو مستند  4220
  • A faithful slave (of Thine) is making humble entreaty: he knows none but Thee on whom to rely.
  • تو عطا بیگانگان را می‌دهی  ** از تو دارد آرزو هر مشتهی 
  • Thou bestowest Thy bounty (even) on strangers: every ardent wisher gains his desire from Thee.”
  • حق بفرماید که نه از خواری اوست  ** عین تاخیر عطا یاری اوست 
  • God saith, “’Tis not that he is despicable (in My sight); (nay), the very deferment of the bounty is (for the sake of) helping him.
  • حاجت آوردش ز غفلت سوی من  ** آن کشیدش مو کشان در کوی من 
  • Need caused him to turn towards Me from his (former state of) forgetfulness: it dragged him by the hair into My presence.
  • گر بر آرم حاجتش او وا رود  ** هم در آن بازیچه مستغرق شود 
  • If I satisfy his need, he will go back and (again) become absorbed in that idle play.
  • گرچه می‌نالد به جان یا مستجار  ** دل شکسته سینه‌خسته گو بزار  4225
  • Although he is (now) crying with (all) his soul, ‘O Thou whose protection is invoked,’ let him (continue to) moan with broken heart and wounded breast!