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  • بی‌مرادی مومنان از نیک و بد  ** تو یقین می‌دان که بهر این بود 
  • Know for sure that this is the reason why the true believers suffer disappointment (whether) in (seeking) good or (in avoiding) evil.
  • رجوع کردن به قصه‌ی آن شخص کی به او گنج نشان دادند به مصر و بیان تضرع او از درویشی به حضرت حق 
  • Returning to the Story of the person who was given a clue to the treasure (buried) at Cairo, and setting forth his supplication to God on account of his poverty.
  • مرد میراثی چو خورد و شد فقیر  ** آمد اندر یا رب و گریه و نفیر 
  • When the man who received the inheritance had squandered it and become a pauper, he began to cry “O Lord!” and weep and lament.
  • خود کی کوبد این در رحمت‌نثار  ** که نیابد در اجابت صد بهار 
  • Verily, who shall knock at this Door, from which mercy is showered, without gaining in response a hundred springs (seasons of spiritual refreshment)?
  • خواب دید او هاتفی گفت او شنید  ** که غنای تو به مصر آید پدید  4240
  • He dreamed that he heard a Voice from heaven saying, “Thy fortune will be found in Cairo;
  • رو به مصر آنجا شود کار تو راست  ** کرد کدیت را قبول او مرتجاست 
  • Go to Cairo: there thy affair will be set right. He (God) hath accepted thy humble petition: He is the (only) Object of hope.
  • در فلان موضع یکی گنجی است زفت  ** در پی آن بایدت تا مصر رفت 
  • In such-and-such a spot is a great treasure: thou must go to Cairo in quest of it.
  • بی‌درنگی هین ز بغداد ای نژند  ** رو به سوی مصر و منبت‌گاه قند 
  • Hark, O wretched man, go without any delay from Baghdád to Cairo and the home of sugar-candy.”
  • چون ز بغداد آمد او تا سوی مصر  ** گرم شد پشتش چو دید او روی مصر 
  • When he departed from Baghdád (and came) to Cairo, at the sight of Cairo his courage was restored,
  • بر امید وعده‌ی هاتف که گنج  ** یابد اندر مصر بهر دفع رنج  4245
  • (For he was) in hope of (the fulfilment of) the promise given by the heavenly Voice that he would find in Cairo the treasure to remove his trouble—
  • در فلان کوی و فلان موضع دفین  ** هست گنجی سخت نادر بس گزین 
  • “In such and such a quarter and such and such a spot there is a buried treasure exceedingly rare and very choice.”