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  • این سخن بر وفق ظنت می‌جهد  ** ورنه بختم داد عقلم هم دهد  4335
  • These words (of yours) express (only) your (false) opinion; for my luck at the same time endows me with all that belongs to (perfect) intelligence.”
  • بازگشتن آن شخص شادمان و مراد یافته و خدای را شکر گویان و سجده کنان و حیران در غرایب اشارات حق و ظهور تاویلات آن در وجهی کی هیچ عقلی و فهمی بدانجا نرسد 
  • How that person returned (to Baghdád) rejoicing and successful and giving thanks to God and prostrating himself (in prayer) and amazed at the wondrous indications vouchsafed (to him) by God and the coming to light of the interpretations thereof in a way that no mind and understanding can conceive.
  • باز گشت از مصر تا بغداد او  ** ساجد و راکع ثناگر شکرگو 
  • He returned from Cairo to Baghdád, prostrating himself and bowing (in prayer) and giving praise and thanks (to God).
  • جمله ره حیران و مست او زین عجب  ** ز انعکاس روزی و راه طلب 
  • All the way he was bewildered and intoxicated by this marvel, (namely), by the complete change (which had taken place) as regards his daily bread (the treasure) and the method of seeking (it),
  • کر کجا اومیدوارم کرده بود  ** وز کجا افشاند بر من سیم و سود 
  • Saying (to himself), “Whence did He make me hopeful and whence did He shower money and profit upon me!
  • این چه حکمت بود که قبله‌ی مراد  ** کردم از خانه برون گمراه و شاد 
  • What wisdom was this, that the Object of (all) desire caused me to go forth from my home gladly on a fool's errand,
  • تا شتابان در ضلالت می‌شدم  ** هر دم از مطلب جداتر می‌بدم  4340
  • So that I was hastening to lose the way and at every moment was being farther removed from that which I sought—
  • باز آن عین ضلالت را به جود  ** حق وسیلت کرد اندر رشد و سود 
  • And then God in His munificence made that very aberration the means of (my) reaching the right road and gaining wealth!”
  • گمرهی را منهج ایمان کند  ** کژروی را محصد احسان کند 
  • He maketh losing the way an avenue to (true) faith; He maketh going wrong a field for the harvest of righteousness,
  • تا نباشد هیچ محسن بی‌وجا  ** تا نباشد هیچ خاین بی‌رجا 
  • To the end that no righteous man may be without fear, and that no traitor (sinner) may be without hope.
  • اندرون زهر تریاق آن حفی  ** کرد تا گویند ذواللطف الخفی 
  • The Gracious One hath put an antidote in the poison in order that they may say He is the Lord of hidden grace.