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  • هست ذرات خواطر و افتکار  ** پیش خورشید حقایق آشکار 
  • (So too) the motes consisting of ideas and thought are manifest in the presence of the Sun of Realities.
  • حکایت آن صیادی کی خویشتن در گیاه پیچیده بود و دسته‌ی گل و لاله را کله‌وار به سر فرو کشیده تا مرغان او را گیاه پندارند و آن مرغ زیرک بوی برد اندکی کی این آدمیست کی برین شکل گیاه ندیدم اما هم تمام بوی نبرد به افسون او مغرور شد زیرا در ادراک اول قاطعی نداشت در ادراک مکر دوم قاطعی داشت و هو الحرص و الطمع لا سیما عند فرط الحاجة و الفقر قال النبی صلی الله علیه و سلم کاد الفقر ان یکون کفرا 
  • Story of the fowler who had wrapped himself in grass and drawn over his head a handful of roses and red anemones, like a cap, in order that the birds might think he was grass. The clever bird had some little notion that he was (really) a man, and said (to itself), “I have never seen grass of this shape”; but it did not wholly apprehend (the truth) and was deceived by his guile, because at the first view it had no decisive argument, (whereas) on its second view of the trick it had a decisive argument, namely, cupidity and greed, (which are) especially (potent) at the time of excessive want and poverty. The Prophet—God bless and save him!—has said that poverty is almost infidelity.
  • رفت مرغی در میان مرغزار  ** بود آنجا دام از بهر شکار  435
  • A bird went into a meadow: there was a trap (set) for the purpose of fowling.
  • دانه‌ی چندی نهاده بر زمین  ** وآن صیاد آنجا نشسته در کمین 
  • Some grain had been placed on the ground, and the fowler was ensconced there in ambush.
  • خویشتن پیچیده در برگ و گیاه  ** تا در افتد صید بیچاره ز راه 
  • He had wrapped himself in leaves and grass, that the wretched prey might slip off from the path (of safety).
  • مرغک آمد سوی او از ناشناخت  ** پس طوافی کرد و پیش مرد تاخت 
  • A little bird approached him in ignorance (of his disguise): then it hopped round and ran up to the man,
  • گفت او را کیستی تو سبزپوش  ** در بیابان در میان این وحوش 
  • And said to him, “Who are you, clad in green in the desert amidst (all) these wild animals?”
  • گفت مرد زاهدم من منقطع  ** با گیاهی گشتم اینجا مقتنع  440
  • He replied, “I am an ascetic severed (from mankind): I have become content (to live) here with some grass.
  • زهد و تقوی را گزیدم دین و کیش  ** زانک می‌دیدم اجل را پیش خویش 
  • I adopted asceticism and piety as my religion and practice because I saw before me the appointed end of my life.
  • مرگ همسایه مرا واعظ شده  ** کسب و دکان مرا برهم زده 
  • My neighbour's death had given me warning and upset my (worldly) business and shop.
  • چون به آخر فرد خواهم ماندن  ** خو نباید کرد با هر مرد و زن 
  • Since I shall be left alone at the last, it behoves me not to become friendly with every man and woman.