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  • تا خرد این را به زر زین بی‌خرد  ** هم‌چنین بسته به خانه‌ی ما برد 
  • In order that he may buy this (chest) with gold from this witless fellow and take it fastened, just as it is, to my house.”
  • ای خدا بگمار قومی روحمند  ** تا ز صندوق بدنمان وا خرند 
  • O Lord, appoint a spiritually endowed company to redeem us from the chest of the body!
  • خلق را از بند صندوق فسون  ** کی خرد جز انبیا و مرسلون 
  • Who but the prophets and apostles can redeem the people from confinement in the chest of guile?
  • از هزاران یک کسی خوش‌منظرست  ** که بداند کو به صندوق اندرست  4505
  • Among thousands there is (only) one person of comely aspect, who knows that he is inside the chest.
  • او جهان را دیده باشد پیش از آن  ** تا بدان ضد این ضدش گردد عیان 
  • He must formerly have beheld the (spiritual) world, so that by means of that contrary this contrary should be made evident to him.
  • زین سبب که علم ضاله‌ی مومنست  ** عارف ضاله‌ی خودست و موقنست 
  • Because “knowledge is the true believer's lost camel,” he recognises his own lost camel and feels certain (that it is his).
  • آنک هرگز روز نیکو خود ندید  ** او درین ادبار کی خواهد طپید 
  • (But) he that has never seen good fortune, how will he be perturbed in this calamity?
  • یا به طفلی در اسیری اوفتاد  ** یا خود از اول ز مادر بنده زاد 
  • Either he fell into captivity in childhood, or was born a slave at first from his mother's womb.
  • ذوق آزادی ندیده جان او  ** هست صندوق صور میدان او  4510
  • His soul has never known the delight of (spiritual) freedom: the chest of (phenomenal) forms is his arena.
  • دایما محبوس عقلش در صور  ** از قفس اندر قفس دارد گذر 
  • His mind is for ever imprisoned in forms: he (only) passes from cage into cage.