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  • گفت نفقه‌ی زن چرا ندهی تمام  ** گفت از جان شرع را هستم غلام 
  • He said (to Júhí), “Why won't you give your wife all the money she needs for expenses?” He replied, “I am devoted with (heart and) soul to the religious law,
  • لیک اگر میرم ندارم من کفن  ** مفلس این لعبم و شش پنج زن 
  • But if I die I do not possess (enough to pay for) the shroud: I am bankrupt in this game, I have gambled everything away.”
  • زین سخن قاضی مگر بشناختش  ** یاد آورد آن دغل وان باختش 
  • From (hearing) these words the cadi, as it happened, recognised him and called to mind his roguery and the trick he had played.
  • گفت آن شش پنج با من باختی  ** پار اندر شش درم انداختی  4565
  • “You played that game with me,” he said: “last year you put me out of action.
  • نوبت من رفت امسال آن قمار  ** با دگر کس باز دست از من بدار 
  • My turn is past: this year try that gamble on some one else and keep your hands off me!”
  • از شش و از پنج عارف گشت فرد  ** محترز گشتست زین شش پنج نرد 
  • The knower of God has been isolated from the six (directions) and the five (senses): (necessarily, therefore), he has become on his guard against the sixes and fives of the backgammon (played by the World and the Devil).
  • رست او از پنج حس و شش جهت  ** از ورای آن همه کرد آگهت 
  • He has escaped from the five senses and the six directions: he has made you acquainted with (what lies) beyond all that.
  • شد اشاراتش اشارات ازل  ** جاوز الاوهام طرا و اعتزل 
  • His intimations are the intimations of Eternity: he has transcended all conceptions and withdrawn himself apart.
  • زین چه شش گوشه گر نبود برون  ** چون بر آرد یوسفی را از درون  4570
  • Unless he is outside of this hexagonal well, how should he bring up a Joseph from the inside (of it)?
  • واردی بالای چرخ بی ستن  ** جسم او چون دلو در چه چاره کن 
  • He is one who goes to draw water above the unpillared firmament, (while) his body, like a bucket, is (low down) in the well, helping (to rescue the fallen).