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  • نیست صورت چشم را نیکو به مال  ** تا ببینی شعشعه‌ی نور جلال 
  • He is not the form (in which he appears): rub thine eye well, that thou mayst behold (in him) the radiance of the light of (Divine) glory!
  • باز آمدن به شرح قصه‌ی شاه‌زاده و ملازمت او در حضرت شاه 
  • Resuming the explanation of the Story of the (eldest) prince and his constant attendance at the court of the King.
  • شاه‌زاده پیش شه حیران این  ** هفت گردون دیده در یک مشت طین 
  • The prince in the presence of the King was bewildered by this (mystery): he beheld the Seven Heavens in a handful of clay.
  • هیچ ممکن نه ببحثی لب گشود  ** لیک جان با جان دمی خامش نبود  4590
  • Nowise was it possible (for him) to open his lips in discussion, but never for a moment did soul cease to converse with soul.
  • آمده در خاطرش کین بس خفیست  ** این همه معنیست پس صورت ز چیست 
  • It came into his mind that ’twas exceedingly mysterious— “all this is reality: whence, then, comes the form (appearance)?”
  • صورتی از صورتت بیزار کن  ** خفته‌ای هر خفته را بیدار کن 
  • (’Tis) a form that frees thee from (the illusion of) form, a sleeper that awakens every one who is asleep (to the Truth).
  • آن کلامت می‌رهاند از کلام  ** وان سقامت می‌جهاند از سقام 
  • The words (spoken by him) deliver (thee) from words (of idle disputation), and the sickness (of love inspired by him) lets thee escape from the sickness (of sensuality).
  • پس سقام عشق جان صحتست  ** رنجهااش حسرت هر راحتست 
  • Therefore the sickness of love is the (very) soul of health: its pains are the envy of every pleasure.
  • ای تن اکنون دست خود زین جان بشو  ** ور نمی‌شویی جز این جانی بجو  4595
  • O body, now wash thy hands of this (animal) soul, or if thou wilt not wash (thy hands of it), seek another soul than this!
  • حاصل آن شه نیک او را می‌نواخت  ** او از آن خورشید چون مه می‌گداخت 
  • In short, the King cherished him (the prince) fondly, and in (the beams of) that Sun he was melting away like the moon.
  • آن گداز عاشقان باشد نمو  ** هم‌چو مه اندر گدازش تازه‌رو 
  • The melting (wasting) away of lovers is (the cause of their spiritual) growth: like the moon, he (the lover) hath a fresh (shining) face whilst he is melting away.