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  • صورت معشوق زو شد در نهفت  ** رفت و شد با معنی معشوق جفت 
  • The form (appearance) of the Beloved vanished from him: he died and was united with the reality of the Beloved.
  • گفت لبسش گر ز شعر و ششترست  ** اعتناق بی‌حجابش خوشترست 
  • He said (to himself), “Though his raiment was of silk and Shushtar cloth, his unscreened embrace is sweeter.
  • من شدم عریان ز تن او از خیال  ** می‌خرامم در نهایات الوصال 
  • (Now) I am denuded of my body, and he of (the veil of) phantasy: I am advancing triumphantly in the consummation of union.”
  • این مباحث تا بدین‌جا گفتنیست  ** هرچه آید زین سپس بنهفتنیست  4620
  • These topics may be discussed up to this point, (but) all that comes after this must be kept hid;
  • ور بگویی ور بکوشی صد هزار  ** هست بیگار و نگردد آشکار 
  • And if you would tell it and make a hundred thousand efforts, ’tis fruitless labour, for it will never become clear.
  • تا به دریا سیر اسپ و زین بود  ** بعد ازینت مرکب چوبین بود 
  • As far as the sea, ’tis a journey on horseback: after this you (must) have a wooden horse.
  • مرکب چوبین به خشکی ابترست  ** خاص آن دریاییان را رهبرست 
  • The wooden horse is no good on the dry land: it carries exclusively those who voyage on the sea.
  • این خموشی مرکب چوبین بود  ** بحریان را خامشی تلقین بود 
  • The wooden horse is this (mystical) silence: (this) silence gives instruction to the sea-folk.
  • هر خموشی که ملولت می‌کند  ** نعره‌های عشق آن سو می‌زند  4625
  • Every (such) silent one who wearies you is (really) uttering shrieks of love Yonder.
  • تو همی‌گویی عجب خامش چراست  ** او همی‌گوید عجب گوشش کجاست 
  • You say, “I wonder why he is silent”; he says (to himself), “How strange! Where is his ear?