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  • در نظرها چرخ بس کهنه و قدید  ** پیش چشمش هر دمی خلق جدید 
  • In (men's) eyes the heavens are very old and threadbare; in his eye ’twasa new creation at every moment.
  • روح زیبا چونک وا رست از جسد  ** از قضا بی شک چنین چشمش رسد 
  • When the beauteous spirit is delivered from the body, no doubt an eye like this will be conferred upon it by (Divine) destiny.
  • صد هزاران غیب پیشش شد پدید  ** آنچ چشم محرمان بیند بدید  4645
  •  A hundred thousand mysteries were revealed to him: he beheld that which the eyes of the initiated behold.
  • آنچ او اندر کتب بر خوانده بود  ** چشم را در صورت آن بر گشود 
  • He opened (the inward) eye (and gazed) on the (ideal) form of that which he had (only) read in books.
  • از غبار مرکب آن شاه نر  ** یافت او کحل عزیزی در بصر 
  • From the dust of the mighty King's horse he obtained a precious collyrium for his eyesight.
  • برچنین گلزار دامن می‌کشید  ** جزو جزوش نعره زن هل من مزید 
  • In such a garden of flowers he was trailing his skirt, while every part of him was crying, “Is there any more?”
  • گلشنی کز بقل روید یک دمست  ** گلشنی کز عقل روید خرمست 
  • The flowers that grow from plants are (living but) a moment; the flowers that grow from Reason are (ever) fresh.
  • گلشنی کز گل دمد گردد تباه  ** گلشنی کز دل دمد وافر حتاه  4650
  • The flowers that bloom from earth become faded; the flowers that bloom from the heart—oh, what a joy!
  • علم‌های با مزه‌ی دانسته‌مان  ** زان گلستان یک دو سه گل‌دسته دان 
  • Know that (all) the delightful sciences known to us are (only) two or three bunches of flowers from that Garden.
  • زان زبون این دو سه گل دسته‌ایم  ** که در گلزار بر خود بسته‌ایم 
  • We are devoted to these two or three bunches of flowers because we have shut the Garden-door on ourselves.