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  • راه دین زان رو پر از شور و شرست  ** که نه راه هر مخنث گوهرست 
  • The road of religion is full of trouble and bale for the reason that it is not the road for any one whose nature is effeminate.
  • در ره این ترس امتحانهای نفوس  ** هم‌چو پرویزن به تمییز سبوس 
  • On this road (men's) souls are tried by terror as a sieve (is used) for sifting bran.
  • راه چه بود پر نشان پایها  ** یار چه بود نردبان رایها  510
  • What is the road? Full of footprints. What is the comrade? The ladder whereby minds ascend.
  • گیرم آن گرگت نیابد ز احتیاط  ** بی ز جمعیت نیابی آن نشاط 
  • I grant that, through (your) taking precautions, the wolf may not find you, (but) without company you will not find that (spiritual) alacrity.
  • آنک تنها در رهی او خوش رود  ** با رفیقان سیر او صدتو شود 
  • He who cheerfully goes alone on a journey—(if he goes) with companions his progress is increased a hundredfold.
  • با غلیظی خر ز یاران ای فقیر  ** در نشاط آید شود قوت‌پذیر 
  • Notwithstanding the grossness of the ass, it (the ass) is exhilarated, O dervish, by comrades (of its own kind) and becomes capable of (exerting) strength.
  • هر خری کز کاروان تنها رود  ** بر وی آن راه از تعب صدتو شود 
  • To any ass that goes alone (and away) from the caravan the road is (made) a hundredfold (longer) by fatigue.
  • چند سیخ و چند چوب افزون خورد  ** تا که تنها آن بیابان را برد  515
  • How many more goadings and cudgellings does it suffer that it may cross the desert (unaccompanied and) alone!
  • مر ترا می‌گوید آن خر خوش شنو  ** گر نه‌ای خر هم‌چنین تنها مرو 
  • That ass is saying to you (implicitly), ‘Take good heed! Don't travel alone like this, unless you are an ass!’
  • آنک تنها خوش رود اندر رصد  ** با رفیقان بی‌گمان خوشتر رود 
  • Beyond doubt he who cheerfully goes alone into the custom-house will go more cheerfully (when he is) with companions.