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  • گفت اگر در جنگ کم بودت امید  ** نعره‌ای زن کای کریمان برجهید 
  • He (the spokesman of the merchants) said, “If you had no hope (of overcoming them) in battle, (why didn't you) shout, ‘Gentlemen, spring up (from your beds)?’”
  • گفت آن دم کارد بنمودند و تیغ  ** که خمش ورنه کشیمت بی‌دریغ 
  • He replied, “At that moment they produced knives and swords, crying, ‘Silence! or we will kill you ruthlessly.’
  • آن زمان از ترس بستم من دهان  ** این زمان هیهای و فریاد و فغان  550
  • At that time I shut my mouth in terror; at this time (I can utter) screams and calls for help and cries of distress.
  • آن زمان بست آن دمم که دم زنم  ** این زمان چندانک خواهی هی کنم 
  • At that time my breath was stopped from breathing a word: at this time I will scream as much as you please.”
  • چونک عمرت برد دیو فاضحه  ** بی‌نمک باشد اعوذ و فاتحه 
  • After the Devil who exposes (sinners) to disgrace has carried off your life, it is foolish (to cry) “I take refuge (with God)” and (to recite) the Fátiha;
  • گرچه باشد بی‌نمک اکنون حنین  ** هست غفلت بی‌نمک‌تر زان یقین 
  • (But) though ’tis foolish to moan now, (yet) assuredly heedlessness is (even) more foolish than that (tardy supplication).
  • هم‌چنین هم بی‌نمک می‌نال نیز  ** که ذلیلان را نظر کن ای عزیز 
  • Continue to sob thus, even foolishly, crying, “Regard the base (sinners), O Almighty One!
  • قادری بی‌گاه باشد یا به گاه  ** از تو چیزی فوت کی شد ای اله  555
  • Whether it be late or early, Thou art omnipotent: when did anything escape Thee, O God?”
  • شاه لا تاسوا علی ما فاتکم  ** کی شود از قدرتش مطلوب گم 
  • The King of (that ye) may not grieve for what hath escaped you —how should the object of (your) desire vanish from (the range of) His power?
  • حواله کردن مرغ گرفتاری خود را در دام به فعل و مکر و زرق زاهد و جواب زاهد مرغ را 
  • How the bird attributed its being caught in the trap to the artifice and cunning and hypocrisy of the ascetic; and how the ascetic answered the bird.
  • گفت آن مرغ این سزای او بود  ** که فسون زاهدان را بشنود 
  • The bird said, “This is a fit punishment for one who listens to the beguiling talk of ascetics.”