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  • ای رفیقان راهها را بست یار  ** آهوی لنگیم و او شیر شکار 
  • O comrades, the Beloved has barred the ways: we are lame deer and He a hunting lion.
  • جز که تسلیم و رضا کو چاره‌ای  ** در کف شیر نری خون‌خواره‌ای 
  • (For one who is) in the clutch of a fierce bloodthirsty lion where is any resource except resignation and acquiescence?
  • او ندارد خواب و خور چون آفتاب  ** روحها را می‌کند بی‌خورد و خواب 
  • He, like the sun, hath neither sleep nor food: He makes the spirits (also) to be without food and sleep,
  • که بیا من باش یا هم‌خوی من  ** تا ببینی در تجلی روی من 
  • Saying, “Come, be Me or one with Me in nature, that thou mayest behold My Face when I unveil Myself.
  • ور ندیدی چون چنین شیدا شدی  ** خاک بودی طالب احیا شدی  580
  • And if thou hadst not beheld it, how shouldst thou have become so distraught? Thou wert earth, (and now) thou hast become one who seeks to be quickened (with spiritual life).”
  • گر ز بی‌سویت ندادست او علف  ** چشم جانت چون بماندست آن طرف 
  • If He has not given you provender from the (world that is) without spatial relations, how has your spiritual eye remained (fixed) on that region?
  • گربه بر سوراخ زان شد معتکف  ** که از آن سوراخ او شد معتلف 
  • The cat became intent on (watching) the (mouse)-hole because she had (formerly) provisioned herself from that hole.
  • گربه‌ی دیگر همی‌گردد به بام  ** کز شکار مرغ یابید او طعام 
  • Another cat prowls on the roof because she (formerly) obtained food by preying on birds.
  • آن یکی را قبله شد جولاهگی  ** وآن یکی حارس برای جامگی 
  • One man's qibla (object of attention) is the weaver's craft, while another is a guardsman for the sake of the (king's) allowance;
  • وان یکی بی‌کار و رو در لامکان  ** که از آن سو دادیش تو قوت جان  585
  • And another is unemployed, his face (turned) towards (the world of) non-spatiality because Thou (formerly) gavest him spiritual food from that quarter.