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  • عاشق خود را فتاده خفته دید  ** اندکی از آستین او درید 
  • He found his lover lying asleep; (thereupon) he tore off a little piece of his (the lover's) sleeve
  • گردگانی چندش اندر جیب کرد  ** که تو طفلی گیر این می‌باز نرد 
  • And put some walnuts in his lap, saying, “Thou art a child: take these and play a game of dice.”
  • چون سحر از خواب عاشق بر جهید  ** آستین و گردگانها را بدید 
  • When at dawn the lover sprang up from sleep, he saw the (torn) sleeve and the walnuts.
  • گفت شاه ما همه صدق و وفاست  ** آنچ بر ما می‌رسد آن هم ز ماست 
  • He said, “Our king is entirely truth and loyalty: that (disgrace) which is coming upon us is from ourselves alone.”
  • ای دل بی‌خواب ما زین ایمنیم  ** چون حرس بر بام چوبک می‌زنیم  605
  • O sleepless heart, we (true lovers) are secure from this: we, like guardsmen, are plying our rattles on the roof.
  • گردگان ما درین مطحن شکست  ** هر چه گوییم از غم خود اندکست 
  • Our walnuts are crushed in this mill: whatever we may tell of our anguish, ’tis (but) little.
  • عاذلا چند این صلای ماجرا  ** پند کم ده بعد ازین دیوانه را 
  • O railer, how long (will you continue to give) this invitation to (join in) the business (of the world)? Henceforth do not give advice to a madman.
  • من نخواهم عشوه‌ی هجران شنود  ** آزمودم چند خواهم آزمود 
  • I will not listen to deceitful talk of separation (from the Beloved): I have experienced it: how long shall I experience it?
  • هرچه غیر شورش و دیوانگیست  ** اندرین ره دوری و بیگانگیست 
  • In this Way everything except derangement and madness is (a cause of) farness and alienation (from Him).
  • هین بنه بر پایم آن زنجیر را  ** که دریدم سلسله‌ی تدبیر را  610
  • Hark, put that fetter on my leg, for I have torn the chain of (rational) consideration to pieces.