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  • وا رود آن حسن سوی اصل خود  ** جسم ماند گنده و رسوا و بد 
  • That beauty returns to its source; the body is left—foul-smelling, shameful, and ugly.
  • نور مه راجع شود هم سوی ماه  ** وا رود عکسش ز دیوار سیاه  975
  • The moonlight is returning to the moon: its reflexion goes off the black (dark) wall;
  • پس بماند آب و گل بی آن نگار  ** گردد آن دیوار بی مه دیووار 
  • And then, (when) the water and clay (of the wall) are left without that ornament, the wall, (being) moonless, becomes (hideous) as a devil.
  • قلب را که زر ز روی او بجست  ** بازگشت آن زر بکان خود نشست 
  • When the gold flies from the surface of the base coin, that gold returns to its (original) mine and settles (there);
  • پس مس رسوا بماند دود وش  ** زو سیه‌روتر بماند عاشقش 
  • Then the shamefully exposed copper is left (looking black) like smoke, and its lover is left looking blacker than it.
  • عشق بینایان بود بر کان زر  ** لاجرم هر روز باشد بیشتر 
  • (But) the love of them that have (spiritual) insight is (fixed) on the gold-mine; necessarily it is (grows) greater every day,
  • زانک کان را در زری نبود شریک  ** مرحبا ای کان زر لاشک فیک  980
  • Because the mine hath no partner in aureity. Hail, O Gold-mine (of Reality), Thou concerning whom there is no doubt!
  • هر که قلبی را کند انباز کان  ** وا رود زر تا بکان لامکان 
  • If any one let a base coin become a sharer with the Mine (in his affection), the gold goes back to the Mine (which is) beyond locality,
  • عاشق و معشوق مرده ز اضطراب  ** مانده ماهی رفته زان گرداب آب 
  • (And then) the lover and his beloved are dead (left to die) in agony: the fish is left (writhing), the water is gone from the whirlpool.
  • عشق ربانیست خورشید کمال  ** امر نور اوست خلقان چون ظلال 
  • The Divine Love is the Sun of perfection: the (Divine) Word is its light, the creatures are as shadows.