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  • O Light of the Truth, Husámu’ddín, bring (into verse and writing) this Third Book, for “three times” has become a sunna.
  • ای ضیاء الحق حسام الدین بیار ** این سوم دفتر که سنت شد سه بار
  • Open the treasury of mysteries; in respect of the Third Book leave excuses alone.
  • بر گشا گنجینه‌ی اسرار را ** در سوم دفتر بهل اعذار را
  • Thy power flows from the power of God, not from the veins which throb because of (bodily) heat.
  • قوتت از قوت حق می‌زهد ** نه از عروقی کز حرارت می‌جهد
  • This lamp, the sun, which is bright—it is not (made bright) by means of wick and cotton and oil.
  • این چراغ شمس کو روشن بود ** نه از فتیل و پنبه و روغن بود
  • The vault of heaven, which is so enduring, is not supported by any tent-rope or pillar. 5
  • سقف گردون کو چنین دایم بود ** نه از طناب و استنی قایم بود
  • The power of Gabriel was not from the kitchen; it was from beholding the Creator of existence.
  • قوت جبریل از مطبخ نبود ** بود از دیدار خلاق وجود
  • Likewise, know this power of the Abdál of God to be (derived) from God, not from viands and from trays (of food).
  • همچنان این قوت ابدال حق ** هم ز حق دان نه از طعام و از طبق
  • Their bodies too have been moulded of the Light, so that they have transcended the Spirit and the Angel.
  • جسمشان را هم ز نور اسرشته‌اند ** تا ز روح و از ملک بگذشته‌اند
  • Inasmuch as thou art endowed with the qualities of the Almighty, pass beyond the fire of the maladies (of the sensual self), like Khalíl.
  • چونک موصوفی باوصاف جلیل ** ز آتش امراض بگذر چون خلیل
  • To thee also the fire will become coolness and safety, O thou to whose complexion (constitution) the elements are slaves. 10
  • گردد آتش بر تو هم برد و سلام ** ای عناصر مر مزاجت را غلام