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  • گر چه سر بر پا نهادن خدمت است ** پیش آن خدمت خطا و زلت است‌‌
  • Although to lay the head on the (King's) foot is an act of obeisance, (yet) compared with the former act of obeisance it is a fault and backsliding.
  • شاه را غیرت بود بر هر که او ** بو گزیند بعد از آن که دید رو 1770
  • The King is jealous of any one who, after having seen the face, prefers the (mere) scent.
  • غیرت حق بر مثل گندم بود ** کاه خرمن غیرت مردم بود
  • To speak in parables, God's jealousy is the wheat, (while) men's jealousy is the straw in the stack.
  • اصل غیرتها بدانید از اله ** آن خلقان فرع حق بی‌‌اشتباه‌‌
  • Know that the root of (all) jealousies is in God: those of mankind are an offshoot from God, without resemblance (being implied).
  • شرح این بگذارم و گیرم گله ** از جفای آن نگار ده دله‌‌
  • I will leave the explanation of this and will begin to complain of the cruelty of that fickle Beauty.
  • نالم ایرا ناله‌‌ها خوش آیدش ** از دو عالم ناله و غم بایدش‌‌
  • I wail because wailings are pleasant to Him: He wants from the two worlds wailing and grief.
  • چون ننالم تلخ از دستان او ** چون نیم در حلقه‌‌ی مستان او 1775
  • How should I not wail bitterly on account of His deceit, since I am not in the circle of those intoxicated with Him?
  • چون نباشم همچو شب بی‌‌روز او ** بی‌‌وصال روی روز افروز او
  • How shall I not be like night, without His day and without the favour of His day-illuming countenance?
  • ناخوش او خوش بود در جان من ** جان فدای یار دل رنجان من‌‌
  • His unsweetness is sweet in my soul: may my soul be sacrificed to the Beloved who grieves my heart!
  • عاشقم بر رنج خویش و درد خویش ** بهر خشنودی شاه فرد خویش‌‌
  • I am in love with my grief and pain for the sake of pleasing my peerless King.