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  • شاه بویی برد از اسرار من ** متهم شد پیش شه گفتار من‌‌
  • (But) the king got a scent of my inmost beliefs, and my words were suspected (when I stood) before the king.
  • گفت گفت تو چو در نان سوزن است ** از دل من تا دل تو روزن است‌‌
  • He said, “Your words are like a needle in bread (specious but pernicious); there is a window between my heart and yours.
  • من از آن روزن بدیدم حال تو ** حال تو دیدم ننوشم قال تو
  • Through that window I have seen your (real) state: I see your state and will not heed your words.”
  • گر نبودی جان عیسی چاره‌‌ام ** او جهودانه بکردی پاره‌‌ام‌‌
  • Had not the spirit of Jesus been my aid, he would in Jewish fashion have torn me to pieces.
  • بهر عیسی جان سپارم سر دهم ** صد هزاران منتش بر خود نهم‌‌ 355
  • For Jesus' sake I would yield my life and give my head and lay on myself (confess) myriads of obligations to him.
  • جان دریغم نیست از عیسی و لیک ** واقفم بر علم دینش نیک نیک‌‌
  • I do not grudge Jesus my life, but full well am I versed in the knowledge of his religion.
  • حیف می‌‌آمد مرا کان دین پاک ** در میان جاهلان گردد هلاک‌‌
  • Grief was coming over me (it seemed to me a pity) that that holy religion should perish amongst those who are ignorant (of it).
  • شکر ایزد را و عیسی را که ما ** گشته‌‌ایم آن کیش حق را رهنما
  • Thanks be to God and to Jesus that I have become a guide to the true faith.
  • از جهود و از جهودی رسته‌‌ام ** تا به زناری میان را بسته‌‌ام‌‌
  • I have escaped from Jews and Judaism so (entirely) that I have bound my waist with a (Christian) girdle.
  • دور دور عیسی است ای مردمان ** بشنوید اسرار کیش او به جان‌‌ 360
  • The (present) epoch is the epoch of Jesus. O men, hearken with your souls unto the mysteries of his religion!’”